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  1. chrispy

    Another confession from GoAnna! - I have become weary of property

    GoAnna It would be great to catch up with the old crowd again. My new passion takes me away from the 13th to the 30th July...if its before or after that I will be there :) Chris
  2. chrispy

    End of an Era

    A big thank you to Jan, Ian , Sim and all the old members especially Ruth. I really appreciated the support I have received over the years Chris
  3. chrispy

    Small townhouses vs luxury townhouse?

    A friend of mine bought land in Carlton, very close to the City, and had a mega townhouse built on it 4 years ago. The land was an old Taxi Depot that was subdivided. It has risen in value astronomically. He is not interested in selling it until they both retire but it will set them up...
  4. chrispy

    Greensborough / Montmorency / Eltham

    I live in the area. Prices are starting to go silly with large numbers at the auctions and quite a few bidding. One house that was auctioned last weekend was expected to bring upto $770k. There were 3 bidders and it went for $845k. Another nice house which was expected to go over...
  5. chrispy

    Lots of money - what to do with it?

    More likely a University question ......this is how he does research???? picks all your brains ...:rolleyes: Chris
  6. chrispy

    600k-700k in Melbourne

    There are areas of Altona that have cheaper houses with small amount of land. This one will no doubt go higher but may be worth looking at There are a couple $100k cheaper but need to be renovated. Chris
  7. chrispy

    What is your end strategy?

    Hi GoAnna...welcome have been missed Being one of the elders I can add what I have done is : Sold down any properties that caused any problems, eg any Body Corporate held units. Invested the money in term deposits or bank deposits giving higher interest .. this currently...
  8. chrispy

    New battery flat after 8 days sittng

    I have a Holden V8 Statesman. I had this problem continually. Holden said it was all the electronic gadgetry Suggestion was to attach flick switch for when I was not using the car. It simply disconnects the battery. I am overseas a lot for decent periods of time, so I disconnect the battery...
  9. chrispy

    Changing yellow gold ring to white gold

    I did the same. I had my platinum engagement and wedding rings made into a platinum dress ring. It cost me $2k by a great designer/Jeweller. I really love it. Chris
  10. chrispy

    Kiva - helping others via micro-credit

    I agree. To me when I put the money in I don't expect to get it back, if I do then its a bonus and I reloan it out. Currently I am mainly donating to World Vision toward the Syrian Childrens learning centres Chris
  11. chrispy

    Kiva - helping others via micro-credit

    I did the same but as I had some that didn't pay back I have had to add to it. I have had a few delinquent loans as I have loaned to areas in strife, such as Gaza, etc. Its a great scheme Chris
  12. chrispy

    Instantaneous electric hot water systems

    I installed an LPG instant Rheem HWS in my beach house. It is fantastic I have two large tanks, so that when one runs out I switch over and get changeover of tank. Chris
  13. chrispy

    Buying a townhouse in a large complex

    I have one in a group of 20. I would never buy in a large group again. I was unlucky in that the people that got themselves on to the Committee spent the levy money on items that it was not destined for. They simply put through Committee Minutes etc. and changed the purpose. They have...
  14. chrispy

    Private Health Insurance

    I know from experience that when something is urgent it is treated immediately!!! I had my annual check with local GP. The following morning at 8am she was on the phone telling me to get to GPs surgery immediately. She had found a problem with one of the tests, I was at a Specialist in an...
  15. chrispy

    Finished my cheap DIY bathroom

    Love the green theme Chris
  16. chrispy

    Investment rental property management software

    I still use Rent Manager. It is so easy. I can have it with or without GST, so its ideal for residential and commercial properties. I have a statement at my fingertips at any time. I can get a combined statement, so I can judge tax payable etc. I know its simple...but it suits me Chris
  17. chrispy

    What does it take to be successful?

    Persistance. Never giving up. It pays off in the end Chris
  18. chrispy

    Liability of dead tree hanging over next door

    I had a very large tree that appeared to be dying. It still had green branches on the end. It was a beautiful tree and I really did not want to lose the shade from it, so put off getting an assessment. November 2014 it became very windy, I heard a commotion and the tree had been blown out...
  19. chrispy

    Do you think IKEA affects property prices?

    The new Ikea is on the Ring road. Where the old Pipeworks Market was. It is easily accessible from many areas. I don't think they are aiming for the Campbellfield or Broadmeadows population, more those that can get there easily by Freeway or the Ring Road. It will be their largest...
  20. chrispy


    This happened to my son. We contacted the Trades School and they found him another employer but he was able to continue with the schooling until he was signed up. Good luck Chris