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    Conditions in Rental Agreements

    To the OP. When you apply for your next rental consider what this landlord might put down as a reference (for you). That's not to say 'don't go ahead' but privately managed rental arrangements carry that extra risk for the next Property Manager / landlord to consider when you apply for their...
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    To dig or not to dig? (timing query)

    Would the safest 'bet' be to check with the approving authority?
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    Radio Advertising - My Trial

    Is there any justification for allocating your spend to something else that will grow your organic search? I don't know how or what that would look like but with that kind of split its probably time to wind back Adwords and improve organic. Another suggestion is the Social Media angle which...
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    do the greens need a lesson in economics? article

    I stumbled on this thread because I found the 'New Posts' feature. Good point though. All of us trust scientists and are eager to make use of what science knows to improve our lives. I've taken the following quote from this paper (Warning! science inside :p) so please don't take this as...
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    do the greens need a lesson in economics? article

    I think this is ground zero for the 97% number (misquoted earlier as it doesn't represent "the world's scientists")
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    Asbestos removal before renovation

    Interesting. I have a living space that has a ceiling with a portion of it being asbestos. I have had plans to reskin the old ceiling in the past but have not taken any steps to complete this. (Timber profiles over each ceiling joint is a look I'm trying to remove before selling). Is there...
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    Paid with PPOR Offset....Will this work?

    I'll check my fine print but my understanding is that Interest is charged on balances at the end of day on loans and accounts. My prescribed actions would see funds cleared from my account before this time essentially meaning the end of day balance on an interest bearing account would be zero...
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    Paid with PPOR Offset....Will this work?

    Thanks Terry. This helps with my understanding. My account in question isn't an offset, isn't used for personal transactions and maintains a $0 balance. Putting aside that I do think I'll seek some assurance by way of a PR where I use it as an almost instant intermediary between my loan...
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    Paid with PPOR Offset....Will this work?

    Hi Terry. I am hoping you can provide me with a link to the PR you mentioned earlier. I've read TR 2000/2 a couple of times now and your historical advice [1] [2] to not redraw into any account is what I don't understand when read alongside Para's 30 & 43 of that TR. I genuinely want to make...
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    Paid with PPOR Offset....Will this work?

    Thanks guys. While this might be your every day I do appreciate the advice and patience you've shown. Ouch Really? :confused: I can't be the first or only person to be asking about an Equity Split/Redraw/Sub-Account >> Investment Expense scenario. Or is it that everyone else is either using...
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    Paid with PPOR Offset....Will this work?

    Curious to know what timeframes around keeping excess equity funds in an investment only sub-account would be considered unacceptable with regards to the 'parking borrowed funds' phrasing noted earlier. By going from this account to a loan product have I removed any means of conveniently...
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    IP value basics

    Welcome. I'm relatively new so grab a handful of salt rather than just a grain. :cool: Is there any reason why you would do nothing and increase you rent inline the general cost of living increases? Is a capital improvement your way of appeasing them? Just curious moreso than making any...
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    Paid with PPOR Offset....Will this work?

    Thanks Terry_w. The more I read on here the more I understand why your general recommendation is to setup a LOC. Much simpler. I guess that means I've paid for that with non-deductible after tax dollars. Moving on and wanting to pay for expenses with borrowed funds rather than my savings how...
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    Paid with PPOR Offset....Will this work?

    I've read 'How to avoid mixing personal and investment funds when paying IP expenses?' but couldn't spot this particular question in there. Dropping question here for myself and anyone else that comes along later with a similar scenario. I grabbed some ceiling fans for our IP using our PPOR...
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    Buying in Brisbane

    Some agents have an EOI Form that I've filled out before. Not sure why they've gone to that extent but I've always put a 48 hour time for 'accept/decline/countering to complete' when we've provided a written offer. Offering a 5% deposit and short/long settlement might work for the vendor if...
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    Insurance Before Settlement Legally Required?

    Not sure if its standard or just a value-add/high margin but both the selling agent and my bank offered Free insurance from unconditional through to settlement. QLD here too. We went with the Bank's offering.
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    What should I do with extra PPOR equity

    Just reporting back in. Have taken the full amount available out (80% PPOR LVR) and am almost through a purchase transaction. I should have completed Equity Split a little earlier as I've had to push our bank's loan area to speed up the process just to avoid dipping into PPOR Offset reserves...
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    Good accounting software

    I've been using Waveapps for Personal use and have added some IP related accounting codes to track expenses and income against our connected accounts (Offset/Credit Card). The overwhelming advice on here for IP holders is to use a spreadsheet. I'm hoping my 'hack' to the personal version of...
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    What should I do with extra PPOR equity

    Hi folks, I had a walk through valuation done on our PPOR for our first IP purchase. The loan stucture will be PPOR, Equity Split and IP Mortgage (3 loan products). Within 6 months I'm estimating we could secure another IP with not much more than value-adding on our new IP. With all...
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    Another Brisbane question

    Features in all listings for that agent! Quirky.