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  1. brazen

    Tree removal and Granny Flat

    Hi David, You did the right thing and were advised correctly. Its almost always best to try a tree-removal application first and then (if refused), try a DA with structure proposed. With tree removal, there are never any guarantees BUT supported via a DA to erect a structure is always...
  2. brazen

    Tree removal and Granny Flat

    In my experience (around 20 years doing DA's in Sydney) Councils are much more likely to support a development with tree-removal proposed rather than a straight-up 'tree-removal application' on it's own. If your development plans propose the re-planting of a significant and similar native...
  3. brazen

    How much would it cost to build a small 3 bedroom house?

    Hang on, Dave, you found a builder in Sydney who'll build a brand new house for $930 per square meter? Give us his details please Dave!
  4. brazen

    Draftsman Sydney

    Thanks for the plug Virgo. My number has changed though to: (02) 9785 2781 (see below) That old number is my home-phone now. Ta.
  5. brazen

    A Granny Flat For $25,000. Is it legit?

    Seriously? $25,000 isn't anywhere near THE REAL PRICE though, is it? Not even close. I'm sorry but these kit companies. wow. You pay $25,000 for what? 12 sq m according to your website. For a 60 sq m 'DIY kit' you'll need to cough up around $70k. And then? Let's add it up FOR REAL: 'DIY...
  6. brazen

    Detached studio info in NSW

    Hi Chagrin, Here's the main rules for detached studios in back yards (NSW): " Development standards for detached studios - A detached studio must not be located in a heritage conservation area or draft heritage conservation area. - A detached studio must be located behind the...
  7. brazen

    Can builder introduce fees not disclosed in contract signed?

    Yip. This is why my clients get: 1. A 100% Money-Back Guarantee on their approvals. If I fail to get the approval = all their money back. All of it. NO-ONE in the construction industry (that I can find) offers this. Anywhere. 2. Guaranteed four week approval turnaround from the day I'm engaged...
  8. brazen

    has anybody used Granny Flat Australia?

    lol. No, I'm good at eating food, not providing it! How yummy is Mexican food. I love it! If anyone's interested in granny flat build pricing, you can use my new Interactive Build and Approval Calculators: Approval Calculator...
  9. brazen

    Build granny flat or duplex?

    I've done a few of these dual-occ's for clients (in Blacktown LGA) and here's the problem: Parking SEPP: No additional parking needed DCP: Need to provide (on average) 3 more parking spots, with turn-bays and visitor parking, 2 must be covered Minimum Landscaping SEPP: Generous...
  10. brazen

    Granny Flats and Section 94 Contributions Explained

    hmmm I just got a blog-post on my website where someone just got billed $20,000 Section 94 Contributions at Canada Bay Council. Posted end of February 2015. Brazen.
  11. brazen

    granny flats on blocks <450m2 in nsw

    Hi montyk, BCA means Building Code of Australia which (no doubt) is what Council wants you to comply with. The best path is to find a planner/drafts-person etc who knows what they're doing to get you over the line and your granny flat conversion approval done. Brazen.
  12. brazen

    granny flats on blocks <450m2 in nsw

    Hi ej89, The main building & approval consideration for that is fire protection. Brazen.
  13. brazen

    85m2 garage/shed conversion to a 60m2 granny flat.

    Give me a call and I'll give you a free, no obligation assessment of whether it will be approved or not. The money you spend on your approval is also 100% money-back guaranteed, as advertised. No other approval service offers a guarantee on State SEPP compliant approvals. You'll need to...
  14. brazen

    Granny Flat Proposal, ideas/comments?

    Hi nek, I just had a look and Ashfield Council only allow detached granny flats at 40 sq. m maximum. If seeking an attached dual occupancy, it must be setup as a semi-detached dwelling and NOT located in the backyard like a classic granny flat. The property needs to be split in half...
  15. brazen

    Any granny flat success stories?

    Thanks skater. Here's some critical info for LEGALLY converting an existing space into a granny flat: To the OP: Read the forum questions and answers at the bottom of the blog articles as well. Many people have asked the same...
  16. brazen

    Granny flats on the rise but neighbours unable to complain

    I totally empathise with that guy. That granny flat looks (to me) like may not be SEPP compliant. The SEPP is quite clear and here's the rules: 1. The SEPP requires Privacy Screens for any window higher than 1.5m off the ground, even fro bedroom windows if up to 2 sq m. 2. The SEPP...
  17. brazen

    granny flats on blocks <450m2 in nsw

    You CAN indeed build or convert to a granny flat if the block is <450 sq. m as long as its ATTACHED to the main dwelling. The setback rules for attached granny flats are the same as for detached granny flats as follows: SIDE: 0.9m for blocks <900 sq m; otherwise 1.5 m REAR: 3m for blocks...
  18. brazen

    Granny Flat #2 - North St Marys

    Thanks for the vote devank. Here's a link to the latest news and guides: Brazen.
  19. brazen

    Drainage easement

    If the Drainage easement will be parallel to your rear boundary, I'd take it every single time. Why? If your own property falls (slopes) to the rear boundary as well, you can use it too. It actually ADDS value if it has a positive effect. Brazen. P.S. The amount the neighbour offers you...
  20. brazen

    Doonside/Blacktown Dual Occ

    May I suggest the northern suburbs of Campbelltown? Everyone is looking at Blacktown and somewhat forgetting the south-of-Liverpool areas. There's the M5 right there, the new railway connection to the city and big blocks. I know Campbelltown has a stigma but so did Blacktown 5 years ago. My...