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    Liverpool Sydney - any thoughts?

    Do your research through the many books available - there are lots of strategies people use, some people opt for capital growth and are willing to borrow more for the up market areas - others are more conservative and opt for a better rental return and often less capital growth. You have to...
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    Liverpool Sydney - any thoughts?

    Have you researched Casula? This is a good alternative to Liverpool with Glen Regent Estate being more leafy, newer and very much sought after for rental. We have two sides of a duplex there and have never had a vacancy, tenants love the area, Casula has a station, Glenfield Station close as...
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    I need a new mattress!! any ideas????

    We had exactly the same problem with a king size mattress and the maker gave us a brand new one - alas the same thing has happened again. To help this problem try and sleep in the middle - while my better half was away I did this for five days and the mattress came back to nice and flat again...
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    I need a new mattress!! any ideas????

    Beware full latex as this tends to be quite hot - we have a combination of pocket springs (best for less partner disturbance), high density foam layer, latex layer and then memory foam on top. The mattress is extremely comfortable however being a king size there is definate hump in the middle...
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    aaarggh!! my hair is sooo dry!!

    I also have dry hair, wash once a week and find a daily leave in moisturiser is good. Invest in a good brand - ask a hair dresser or go into one of those shops that specialises in shampoos and conditioners. You have to get the right one for your hair as some of them are too heavy and leave...
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    Apartments under 50 square metres - who will lend?

    St George Bank would be good to try as their Bank of S.A. say they lend 80 percent and if you pay your loan ok within 12 months they will give you another 10% no problems = 90% lend.
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    Painting woes - help!!

    There is a product called sealer/binder/undercoat from paint shop which binds together flaking surfaces and lets water based paint adhere to oil based paints. Just sand off flaking surface, roll on, let dry and then paint. It is white in colour so gives a good undercoat. We had to do this in...
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    best suburb to live in Sydney west for 500K

    Crime in Liverpool Anyone contemplating Liverpool or its suburbs such as Casula can be assured you don't normally get mugged walking down the street nor do you always get broken into. Car theft happens when people leave their vehicle in vulnerable places (railway stations etc.), normally if...
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    Tall Poppy Syndrome

    I have learned over the past thirteen years that people really do not want to know of your success. In the past we used to try and tell friends that they could do exactly what we were doing with investment property and that it was easy etc. etc. but now we just keep our mouth shut as it really...
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    Small studio reno

    We renovated a 45 sq m unit in Darwin and instead of putting in an oven or cook top we just did a bench top with range hood over head which allowed any appliance to be plugged in under the range hood i.e. two burner hotplate, deep fryer, mini oven, electric fry pan. Also we put a convection...
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    hot spots - between sydney & brisbane

    Dora Creek:) Paradise:) Diane
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    hot spots - between sydney & brisbane

    How does this place sound? One and a half hours to Sydney, forty five minutes to Newcastle, larger towns at 4km, 15km and 30km (the latter with a Westfield Shopping Centre). Railway station withing walking distance so can leave the car at home for shopping or air port. This town has eight...
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    Allure DIY Floating Vinyl Planks - Harvey Norman

    Check that this flooring does not require sealing with polish as I saw something similar some time ago and thought it looked great until I spoke to the seller and he said they recommend sealing which also means stripping from time to time and re sealing. Not many tenants will maintain the floor...
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    Our 1st equity Mil.

    Well done James, Lizzie is right the second one comes around before you can blink!! Keep up the good work. Diane
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    Darwin anyone??

    The Darwin market is very much at the top of a boom. Still good value in places such as Nightcliff waterfront units because a lot of locals see this suburb as sleazy however the values even here have gone up by 100% over the last three years.
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    Is it possible to do this?

    Yes it is possible, we have properties with two of us on the loan and only one on the deeds for land tax purposes.
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    Liverpool Sydney -- will it be good area to buy?

    Don't write the Liverpool area off, I lived there for over ten years and it has the best services you could wish for if you are in the working phase of life. Medical facilities second to none, shopping excellent, quick trip to city and air port on M5, crime in the area I lived in was not a...
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    What do property investors do for a living?

    I was a cleaning contractor, hated my job so invested in property to get out ASAP - now retired with over 2 million in equity, main occupation now is fishing!! :)
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    Help!_How to reduce land tax?

    We had the same problem some years ago in NSW and transferred half into each of our names (did not change the loans they stayed in joint names). This gave us two thresholds and almost wiped out our land tax bill. From memory there was no great fees involved as far as stamp duty for spouse...
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    bought for $262,500 in 2003 sold 4 $95k

    Does anyone really believe that a unit in Cabramatta was worth what this person supposedly paid for it? I would be surprised if a one bedroom unit in a block like this in Cabramatta would have hit $120,000 in the height of the boom. Diane