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    Roller Blinds. (cost?)

    Sounds about right. I have them installed in four bedroom houses I have built and they cost $2700.
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    Building Options

    A lot of the first tier project builders do this. They then take that off the end contract price if you proceed. The Metricons and the like do this. It is more to do with time wasters. You need to find a design that suits you perfectly, at the right price point and don't change a...
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    Chris Lang - recommendations??

    Care to share if it was positive or negative at least? I'm all for privacy but in the interest of the forum could you elaborate here a little?
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    Are there any Millionaires who can help me to invest $450,000 in real estate?

    That's a pretty bad assumption and a shocking return.
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    Gladstone QLD - How is it Going????

    I'm not into athletics so will leave that thread alone.... I've gotta ask again.... have you been to Gladstone?
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    Gladstone QLD - How is it Going????

    Finally, you've taken some responsibility for your poor choices and investment strategy.
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    Gladstone QLD - How is it Going????

    Aww Sambo, sambo, sambo. What a pickle you have got yourself in. This devastating market that I blindly support has given me a cracking return for the past 13 years. You see, the difference is that I didn't read the hype in some poorly written investment property magazine, contact the first...
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    Gladstone QLD - How is it Going????

    Your learning has a way to go unless you learn to invest for the long term rather than speculate in the short term.
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    Gladstone QLD - How is it Going????

    Had 3 properties re-let in the past two weeks. Two had $20 increases and were vacant less than a week. It's not all bad. Rooster
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    Commercial Webinar wednesday night 6th feb

    Any chance of answering other people's questions James? Or do you only prefer to talk about the details that paint your story in a positive light?
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    OC1's development - In detail

    oc1, Good to see the figures in deals like this, so thank you. Your background as a builder is definitely beneficial, but the key to that deal and many more is sourcing suitable land at a good price point. Are you based in the Gippsland area? Congratulations. Rooster
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    It's got to be Frankston.
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    Q&A on 2 into 1 lot Subdivisions

    Darryl, I'm getting a 404 error to the link provided. Cheers
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    How NOT to make money subdividing a property *Mild Rant Warning*

    So a fair population of Australia.....there business model looks like it caters to a pretty strong target market.
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    Commercial Webinar

    This is surely an attempt at sarcasm...right? The website is spruiker heaven. They all have the same trademark spiels. - This product to the value of $xxxx for FREE! - An endless page of crap that you need to scroll down for 5 minutes to get to the end. James has so far offered zero...
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    Early retirement without a fortune

    Google them. They are ASX stock codes. Rooster
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    Need help!

    Why aren't you being proactive and contacting them directly? Most have links to their business or you could PM the broker who's style of post and willingness to help stands out to you. Rooster
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    Kiva - helping others via micro-credit

    Knock yourself out. You're a lost cause. Rooster
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    Does anyone know what this is ??

    It's a mud wasp nest. Nothing to worry about. Rooster
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    Kiva - helping others via micro-credit

    Because its not about you and what you can get. You're not losing. You get your money back. At the same time you help someone less fortunate but with some get up and go and the right attitude to make a difference for themselves and their family. Wrong mindset from the outset. Rooster