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    BBQ - Which Brand IS Most Durable and Lasts Longest?

    I've had two Beefeater 4 burner BBQs over the last 25 years and they've been great. The only reason I got the second one was that the wife wanted a hooded one and the old one couldn't be retrofitted, otherwise I'd still be running the old one now. We've switched between LPG and natural gas on...
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    Share your "but this time it's different" stories

    Indeed. House prices consistently exceeding wage growth must have been happening for centuries for people to keep buying up for investment the way they do.
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    What do you consider a casual "walking distance"?

    2 kms is a nice short walk to our local shops and back that I would define as casual. If the weather is nice, I'll take an even longer, more scenic route.
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    Pics of Your Pets!

    Leo and Licorice.
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    Cheap asses - at what equity position did you begin to relax?

    When one has used value for money as their foundation to achieve their riches, it is not really possible to 'relax' in the way suggested without compromising that. Similar to those who continue to work on once they achieve financial independence, it's hard to turn back on what got you there in...
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    What economic group did you grow up in?

    My parents, my two brothers and I lived in a caravan until I was in grade 5, then we moved into a house. People thought we were poor in those early years, but we felt rich with all the friends we made on parks and all the places we travelled to while going around Australia over that time. When...
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    What is your (extra) day off worth?

    I choose to take every day off. I don't think of it as costing me, I think of it as saving me :D
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    What's a good printer ?

    I got sick of ink jet printers clogging up and costing a small fortune to keep fed with ink so I switched to a basic Brother mono laser wireless printer and have not looked back. Purchase price was around $70, 2500-page aftermarket cartridges are cheap at around $30 and in two years of running...
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    I'd expect a minor service to be around $200 and a major around $400. Reality is about double that and previously experienced quality has been average to low. I do my own servicings at around $50 and $100 for minors and majors respectively and quality is, IMO, much higher.
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    How much do you spend a year (living expenses)?

    We were recently coming in at around $250 per week for groceries for 4 adults, two of who are in their early 20's (ie. eat much more than us). Main shop is at Aldi, Woolies for what is left. It's quite easy to put together a meal for 4 for under $10 if you make meals from scratch.
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    How much do you spend a year (living expenses)?

    Much less than I earn.
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    What time do you wake up? How successful are you?

    I wake up whenever I damn well please. Successful enough to have retired @ 45.
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    Want to install Solar - where do I start?

    Unlikely, because if you use less you will save less and you still have to pay the daily supply fee. Our bills were only $400 before solar and are likely to only be around half that after solar's contribution.
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    Want to install Solar - where do I start?

    I too have only recently had solar installed, so no quantified cost savings on bills for me yet either. I do have a monitoring program that I wrote and that shows roughly $2 per day savings on average we are making or approx $700 per year off our electricity bill.
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    Foxtel will need to adapt to this new world of cheap on-demand media content, or they will perish.
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    You "Only" Need $1m to retire comfortably.

    I would assume they do too but the real shock may come to those planning to retire "normally" at age 60, when they can currently access their super, to perhaps find the government has moved the access goal post to 65 or even 70.
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    You "Only" Need $1m to retire comfortably.

    Because: 1. You can't access super before preservation age, making it unusable for the initial phase of an early retirement. 2. In line with age pension changes, preservation age is likely to increase for future retirees, exacerbating point 1. 3. It is currently tax free and available as a lump...
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    We've done it!

    As far as I was aware, debt only has to be accepted by beneficiaries of a will if they are co-signatories or guarantors to the original loans of the deceased. ie. if you inherit a negative equity situation in which you have no prior formal responsibility for the debt, then you can just say 'no...
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    When is enough?

    To be blunt, if she is the one that wants more money than that then she's the one who should be bringing it in! ;)
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    You "Only" Need $1m to retire comfortably.

    Don't forget that from aged pension eligibility age, the couple can receive part aged pension starting at around $10,000 and increasing annually if the stash declines because the 'conservative' conservative 5.5% annual return isn't realised. Those numbers to pull $55K pa until age 90 sound...