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    Aussie slang

    Chooks ? I used this word for my chickens sometime ago on facebook but none of my non-aussies friends recognized it. Many asked me about the meaning and when I told them it is for "Chicken" they laughed as Aussie slang :rolleyes:
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    foxtel "your money your call"

    I don't like it either. So many advertisements and so little info. But for the novice, it could be helpful.
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    Why do you Invest in Property?

    I enjoy money which gives the freedom and security and also love the challenge.
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    How do I find the owner? Bad real estate

    Ahh, this post made my day :)
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    Thank You Somersoft!!

    Congrats. IP #24 ?? Are you holding all of them at the moment?
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    Don't understand this at all

    Very true.
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    Strategic Investment View 2014: Sharemarkets

    I am also eagerly wiating for your post IV. Like others I always enjoy your posts on share.
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    Anyone else tried DIY upholstery?

    It looks great. I am inspired now :)
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    WA Suburbs

    My PPOR is in Merriwa and we enjoy living here. But growthwise, I don?t think it is a good place. We bought the PPOR on January 2009 for $365K and I don?t think it increased more thank 20K by this time. But rental wise it is a good place I think. I have a granny flat which can be easily rented...
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    BMI Normal

    Did you have any side effect at all ? I am always struggling to loose weight. So far lost 3 kilos on 2 months by mostly cutting carbs. But it is hard for me as I have a sweet tooth :( Anyway, congratulations!!!
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    Nearmap casual user license

    Nearmap is offering licenses for casual use starting from $49 per month single state ($100 nationwide) on a 12 months contract. Did anybody purchase such a license? Would anyone try a group buy? Thanks
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    Useless Property Manager

    It looks like this is a common trend in Perth. My PM in Willetton hardly replies to any email, and never gives a call back. Recently I sent an email notice to sack my PM with cc to her Boss, no reaction/reply from them as if they haven't even received any email :D.
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    Catalina estate wa

    Trust my word - do not buy anything north to Currambine. Too much supply (trinity, alkimos) is slowing down growth if any. House price hasn't gone up much in this area (even in a period when Perth is taken by a storm of short supply and some areas have seen a capital growth of 150k+). Rental...
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    Accessible Equity

    Thanks all for your reply and I appreciate that. So I can increase the accessible equity above 80% from the same lender, but I have to pay LMI for the extra loan due to increase in equity. This is exactly what I am after. I won't mind a few thousand dollars for LMI. Perth market is going...
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    Accessible Equity

    Hi All, Here is my scenario: Investment Property Loan amount: $600K (87% LVR when the mortgage was taken, so LMI included), lender bankwest Rpdata estimate: $860,000 (range $800K to $950K) wth confidence level low - (too optimistic to my view. A 4x2 house of the same block size and...
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    True cost of cheap clothes.

    It's very devastating.
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    Valuation after renovating an IP

    Thanks Jason, this is exactly what I wanted to know.
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    Valuation after renovating an IP

    I can see your point. Although very new with BWA, our experience hasn't been particularly great. Is there any independent agent who does valuation for fees? We are not a great believer in appraisal done by REAs.
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    Valuation after renovating an IP

    Hi Rolf, Thank you very much for your reply. We are with Bank West and the LVR is 87%. We purchased this house for 662k and in the same suburb land around 400 sqm is selling for around 400k whereas our size is 810 sqm.
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    Valuation after renovating an IP

    Please don’t be hard on me as this may be a silly question. We bought an IP slightly below market price due to it’s bad condition two months back and renovated it. The renovation was mostly cosmetic. We retiled the laundry and bathroom floors, installed vinyl flooring to all bedrooms and living...