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    Cricket World Cup 2015

    what a brilliant match for the game! my heart was pounding and was just watching it with great interest. (aussie fan so really quite neutral) saffers certainly didn't disgrace themselves but kiwis just had most of the key moments...
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    Macquarie rates ?decreased this month

    G'day mate, Don't know if this is not what you're looking for: On the macquarie login page, it states 'We have reduced our standard variable rates by 0.25% pa, effective 24 February 2015.'
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    Recommend Melbourne SE suburbs

    I noticed your location is Melb - are you from the East/SE?
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    Recommend Melbourne SE suburbs

    1. Ashwood is probably one that springs to mind: - decent distances to EITHER train line (alamein or glenny) - deakin uni around - school wise I'm not so sure - hosp not so sure 2. Wheelers Hill another: - especially if you might consider it as PPOR; it's a nice family-orientated suburb...
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    Recommend Melbourne SE suburbs

    G'day mate what's the budget?
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    Sunshine Development Diary In Detail

    well done Brendon! Really happy for u mate!!
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    Recommend buyer's agent for Melbourne south east?

    Hi OP, Where about in Glenny/WH are you looking at/thinking about?
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    My Journey Has Begun

    Well done Z6! Will send you a PM re: depreciation report that you asked in another thread.
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    Vacancy rates Try this mate - hope it's what you're looking for. cheers
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    Cricket fans on SS?

    obviously an aussie fan but... AB is just absolutely amazing... what can't he do?! (Amla and AB over the past few years have just been so consistent in ODI and Test it's not funny) On another matter, Faulkner is certainly the new Bevan - with a bit more aplomb too! (Hussey obviously...
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    Staying in Brisbane for the week

    Hi Steve, Any update? Did you end up finding something? :)
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    Cricket World Cup 2015

    Yup! And put a Mars bar on a good length!
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    Cricket World Cup 2015

    Nice!!! I used to love Inzy - he provided plenty of entertainment on the field :rolleyes: Jokes aside, I definitely remember Inzy scoring a great hundred at Multan against Bangladesh when PAK was staring at defeat... (then later in 2006 Ponting also steered AUS home chasing 300-odd when...
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    Cricket World Cup 2015

    You are cricket fans MsAli and Monalisa (I presume your sis is too! :cool:)! Feel free to write about anything cricket-related in this thread: Gone were the Shoaib vs Sachin days... But considering PAK vs IND in an ODI last happened a...
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    How/where to start my IP portfolio - help

    Jamie's right too on - don't get analysis paralysis! (like me with my shares... sometimes I think too much and didn't buy when I should have) But Dominican you've mentioned the potential use of BA - that's not a bad idea as you'll be more likely to proceed. As long as you yourself know what...
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    See Change and Richard Feynman . let's hype the sydney market thread .

    Nothing much happened because you and MsAli didn't spice up the market with a few purchases? ;) (Enjoy your threads and interview - keep us updated pls! :))
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    We've done it!

    aussieB: I'm sure others will explain it in details for you later on, but 1 word: equity! :)
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    Everyone moving to Brissy. No opportunities in Sydney?

    Was there a thread on OTP in Fortitude Valley recently?
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    Altona for investment or principal residence?

    Agree with this - think Point Cook as a suburb really only began to grow in the last 10 yrs? So yes, still a fair bit of land.
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    How/where to start my IP portfolio - help

    Hi OP: 1. Educate yourself as much as you can first; know your end goal; work out the strategy that will get you to your end goal and work backwards from there. 2. Please don't rush into it just because you need to get in. (I myself am guilty of that so I'd like to pass this advice to...