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    Brisbane : Investment Opty

    Tim, I cant find a single house in Acacia Ridge below the 10m contour so I doubt any flooded in 2011. In fact, much of the residential area in Acacia Ridge is some of the highest ground in Brisbane at 30m+ ASL with views of CBD buildings if on the northern side of the ridge. The industrial...
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    Brisbane - thoughts on these suburbs

    Salisbury is hot atm! Searched houses up to $450K & 8 out of 12 are under contract. Plenty for sale under that price in neighbouring Rocklea. However, best to check the FloodWise Property Report for properties in Rocklea. Some are flood free, some highset houses had water underneath them in...
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    Bargain in Goodna

    I spoke to the selling agent who said that the house needed a new kitchen & bathroom installed. The spa was not installed - just sitting in place. He said that the car port has been removed & there is no termite damage. The agent said that the buyer aims to renovate & resell. The agent...
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    Bargain in Goodna

    It would probably rent for $260-$270 per week in it's current condition. I wouldn't be selling such a property at auction in the current market. If it was advertised for sale at $200K, it would sell quickly - unless there is termite or some other damage. Vacant blocks of half the size in...
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    Bargain in Goodna

    House in adjoining Redbank Plains on 1153sqm purchased for $240K in March 2008 sold for $148K on Saturday. :eek: 456 Redbank Plains Rd, Redbank Plains
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    Townhouse Vs. House

    I've lived in two of these suburbs for more than 5 years. There are some streets/areas within these suburbs that I would rather not live in but I don’t think it is fair to label the whole suburb as "shitty". There are many suburbs in the outer west & south-west of Sydney that I would...
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    Brisbane - 3 Townhouse development site hunt

    The following property is well outside the 7km radius of Brisbane but appears to fit all of your other criteria. However, there is already DA approval for 4 townhouses & the asking price is about 50% less than the properties you have listed. There is a small shopping centre under construction...
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    China Triggers the Recession Alarm

    Have you seen the queues for sushi at lunchtime in the CBD? Perhaps the recession is already here. :eek: Or will there be $1 sushi rolls with nothing but steamed rice in them to signify the recession? Customers can add free soy sauce for flavour. :)
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    brisbane hotspots - infrastructure related research

    Unfortunately, Yeronga & Dutton Park railway stations won't see improved rail services from the Cross River Rail project because the tunnel entrance is just north of Yeerongpilly Railway Station. Providing it does receive funding, it may be 20 years or more before the Eastern Busway reaches...
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    Redbank Plains, QLD

    Henderson Chase is located in Redbank as opposed to Redbank Plains. The boundary between the two suburbs runs along Eagle Street - just south of the estate. I've pointed out some of the infrastructure improvements for the area in another thread...
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    Is Helles St, Moorooka a good place to invest for Capital Growth?

    2 Helles St, Moorooka is the lowest property in the street. The 20m contour touches the highest edge of this property. The flood level in January didn't even reach 10m in the area. The only chance of riverine flooding in Helles St would be if the dam wall at Wivenhoe collapsed when the dam was...
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    Strong Growth in Brisbane

    Please provide some more details about the location if you don't mind so I can provide some feedback. There is some great value in Ipswich at the moment. There are also fairly low vacancy rates as well.
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    Next To Grow

    They may until you factor in the climate. I grew up on the North Shore of Sydney & lived in the Northern Districts & Northern Beaches due to the high rents on the North Shore. I moved to Brisbane in 2004 & haven't really considered moving back. There are some aspects of Sydney that are...
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    Bargain in Goodna

    Personal serviceability. One of our rental properties flooded in January & our insurer did not cover the type of flood that occurred in the area. Also, because of the type of flood, the landlord insurance did not cover the $8000+ in lost rent since. :( We no longer insure our properties with...
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    Bargain in Goodna

    3 bedroom, 2 bathroom brick house on 782 sqm that sold for $285K in 2004 sold at auction on Saturday for $250K :eek: The property is well above any flood level but, no doubt, the flood in January has adversely affected the selling price...