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    Any one on SS renovates for profit?

    with renos do you just calculate your ROI on the amount you spend on the reno rather than the house? Say you buy a $600k house - spend $50 on the reno and sell for $700, would you say you made 100% ROI on the reno costs or would you say you made a return of about 8% ($50k on 650K investment)...
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    Calculating ROI

    Hi all I was just wondering which method would be the most appropriate to calculating a projects ROI. The project is a the construction of town houses behind an existing house. The house will be kept. Say the purchase price of the house was $800k and after the project is done (i.e. the...
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    Townhouse builder Brisbane

    Hi All Very excited just got my BA plans from the architect and am ready to go to tender. I have a few builders interested but was wondering whether anyone knew of a builder who may be keen. I know a lot are busy at the moment so I am worried about getting a decently priced tender. The...
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    town planner and architect

    thanks Liam. Yes, I was planning on going the freehold. What company do you work for? If you don't mind!
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    town planner and architect

    Hi all Hope everyone is well. I have previously worked with an architect who did the townplanning as well. I am looking to more in a different direction and wish to use a new architect, which will mean that I will have to use a new town planner. Can someone explain to me how this...
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    Brisbane Surveyor Recommendation Needed

    Carl Raynor from Simpson Raynor - he is good and well priced.
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    Property Development Course

    If I have done two developments already do you think the above course would still be useful or it is really for those who are yet to start on their developing career? Tks Ben
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    Hi all If I am building mid to high townhouses in an inner city area, what IT or connections ought to be included. Thanks Ben
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    Opinion on investing in Woolloongabba - Brisbane

    i don't think you can do too far wrong in Woolloongabba with a house. Unit maybe - but a house, I reckon it would be a goer every day of the week.
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    Three storeys in LMR when affected by flood

    Thanks Ryan. That is what I thought and what my investigations revealed also.
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    6 unit build costs

    Hi all - just by way of an update. I found a builder who did it for the original price made around 20% and am moving on. The builder were not without their issues believe me but I got the thing up which is the main thing. Thanks for all your feedback. Onto the next one!
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    Brisbane builder - two townhouses - recommendation

    Thanks Ryan. Much appreciated.
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    Desperate situation..please help

    the banks won't foreclose as they won't know unless there is reason for them to find out like a refinance or something. I think the only thing to do is ride it out and hope it gets better, which you would think it will it is just a matter of time. it is only a loss once it crystallises. If...
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    Brisbane builder - two townhouses - recommendation

    Hi all I am shortly going to go to tender for the construction to two townhouses in the suburb of Fairfield on the southside. The finish will be mid-high and the finish will need to be on the better side as end market is likely to be homeowners. If anyone has any recommendations or anyone...
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    Three storeys in LMR when affected by flood

    Hi All I understand that when a property has been flood effected that one can build a house to 9.5 metres (i.e. three storey) as of right. Is this right? And if so does the same provision apply to multi unit dwellings? Thanks in advance. Cheers Ben
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    Brisbane City Council Zoning

    as an update - I think I have now answered my own question. The Dwelling House Character Zone" and the "neighbourhood character zone" are not ZONES. But OVERLAYS. It would appear it is in the LMR2 Zone and therefore built to boundary is ok?
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    Brisbane City Council Zoning

    Hi Guys Can anyone please tell me what the term "character residential zone" means in the multi unit development code? The place I am looking at is in the "Dwelling House Character Zone" (as it appears most of inner-mid suburbs of Brisbane are) but not in the "neighbourhood character zone"...
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    Glazier in Brisbane

    Thanks Guys.
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    Glazier in Brisbane

    Thanks Guys.
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    Website builder wanted!

    Thanks for your reply guys. I want someone locally so that I can just hand it over to them and get it done. I just don't have time to deal with it now but urgently need a web presence. I will definitely look at these options when I look to upgrade the site though. Thanks