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    Large ATO debt... Can I use some Equity?

    Thanks for the feedback. Can anyone PM me a recommendation for a broker that may be able to assist with this financial hurdle I'm trying to jump? Cheers
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    What's your biggest financial mistake ?

    Getting poor advise re business structure (expensive, high profile advice I might add) and then getting smashed for 90k by the Ato for 5 years worth of tax owing due to them auditing the structure. Having to find 90k hurts like hell but the lost opportunity of 90k is what really kills me...
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    Lending from non resident family members

    Thanks Paul. Is there a better way to go about this then? Basically the In-Laws are born and bred Poms and still live there. We can potentially borrow a bit from them to help us over a few hurdles and then pay them back over 5 years. Cheers.
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    Lending from non resident family members

    Hi Roy, I'm very interested in this as we have some family in the UK and are thinking of approaching them for a loan to get us through some financial problems. This is literally the first thing i've found on the topic so will watch with anticipation. Would welcome any other info you may have...
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    cheap landscaper for work in sutherland shire

    Not many cheap tradies in the shire i'm afraid. I've found some painters in Liverpool that did some work in the shire and were pretty good. Maybe similar with other trades.
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    Large ATO debt... Can I use some Equity?

    Does anyone know of Accountants or tax lawyers specialising in this area? While my accountant is working with the ATO at the moment I wouldn't mind some 2nd opinions. If I'd have got a 2nd opinion 5 years ago I may not be in this mess! Thanks again for all the replies.
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    Large ATO debt... Can I use some Equity?

    Hi Scott, I had to go through these management companies due to the fact that the larger institutions I work with no longer allow for direct relationships for contracting. You have to go through a 'prefered supplier' and to get on that list cost a lot of money. It was more cost effective to...
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    Large ATO debt... Can I use some Equity?

    I'm wondering about a strategy to pay of some of the debt via a credit card and then transfering that amount to 0% credit card over 16 months? Is this even feasable? I will be going via my accountant to work out a plan but wondered if anyone has thoughts on this??
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    Large ATO debt... Can I use some Equity?

    Thanks Geoff, My wife is a champion and has already helped my frame of mind a lot. She's only little but she is tough! I'm glad to hear that you came out the other side. As you say, it can be very dark and that's where we're at right now so hopefully we see some light sooner rather than...
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    Large ATO debt... Can I use some Equity?

    Situation arose because the management company I use for work (I'm an It contractor) wound itself up and the ato has swooped in an audited all contractors involved. Basically saying I'm an employee and can't claim all the expenses I've had for the past 5 years. They've now stung me with 90k...
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    Large ATO debt... Can I use some Equity?

    Thanks Marty. 90% is original LVR we arranged when taking on the loan. I should have been more clear. Cheers.
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    Large ATO debt... Can I use some Equity?

    Hi All, Has anyone had experiance in paying large ATO debt by accessing equity in a property? Example: ATO Debt = 90k Property Val = 620k Loan Amount = 400k LMI = 90% Thanks
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    Rent V Buy (again)

    Has it now swung back to be a better choice (financially - on paper) to buy rather than rent? Just read the following and interested to see what the SS take on this is?
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    Selling Agent Gympie - Recommendations

    Hi, Anyone have any recommendations for a selling agent in Gympie, QLD? Thanks.
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    Property Manager Pro Software

    Does anyone know if this is still available to purchase? I've seen it mentioned a few times on the forum but cannot seem to track down anyone still selling it. Cheers.
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    Landlord Insurance Recommendation

    I was recommended Honan by a few people. Also queried my PM and they have not had any issues getting payment for their client from Honan.
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    Landscaping/Decking in Sydney

    Give Joe from Astra Landscaping & Paving a call. He works in that area and has done big and small jobs for me with good results. 02 9636 2420 Tell him Matt gave you his number.
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    Western Sydney Slow Rental Market?

    Hi Priscilla, Is this the case when GF is fenced off with separate entrance?
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    Buying v Renting Sums

    Do you mean that the figures for buying would be much higher as you cannot claim the tax deduction on interest of your PPOR making the argument for renting even stronger? It's a shame the old buy v rent debate is not as simple as just the money side of things. It would be a no brainer then!
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    Buying v Renting Sums

    Any one seen this vid before? Any thoughts?