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    Owning an ATM

    Thanks for all the information. I did the math. Invest $14000 in year one with 20% ROI leave me with $2800 each year. After 10 years it is $28000. Investment that double in 10y is compounding at 7.2% pa. On that we will add the 10% residual value ($1400). I think one of the main...
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    Owning an ATM

    Hi Has anyone aware about that kind of business. It says that it can improve your serviceability.... Does anyone own one already? Regards
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    High Yielding Shares Again

    Look at IHD. It is a fund investing into australian high dividend company. Dividend are fully franked. Regards
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    Worst Property Advice

    Well, between 1998 and 2002, it did actually double (from $250 to $500k), so as long as your property cost nothing to hold, cash flow neutral or positive, and you use 100% money from the bank, i do not see the trap. If you hold long enough there will be an opportunity window to sell for big...
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    Tenant demolishes flat with sledgehammer.

    He is adressing his landlord and asking if its 2,000eur bond (that the landlord kept) will cover the damages. He is also saying that since landlord likes Bethoven, he has used it in his video... Seems pretty stupid as an action as he will be pursue for more than that now!
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    New kitchen

    Thank you all for the information !
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    WE need to halve our living expenses - can you help?

    Maybe trade the gym for outdoor running. Online shopping is a good things too. Force you to stick to your shopping list.
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    New kitchen

    Hi I am looking for options to install a new kitchen in an IP (1x1 in old 1960 building). I was looking at Bunnings at below $1k for a linear 2.5m, but it does not give a lot of room/appeal. Was more on a L shape 2.5m X 2m or a complete U shape. Do you think I can find those for below $3k...
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    Investors keep first-timers out of market

    This is exactly my point. If your income has increases 5 to 6 fold, you are definitely not on the "average". In my quick calculation, i took a 3% average income increase. Even if i plug 5% increase, we will be far from buying a dream house without big gap between the 2 suburbs. Although, we were...
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    Investors keep first-timers out of market

    Following on on the average concept, if you buy 50km from CBD, where FHB can afford, it is likely that they will still live in the same suburb in 20 year as their house will increase by an average of x% which will be outpaced by a property in a more fashionable suburb which will increase by...
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    ATO & non-rental/non-investment overseas property

    Hi Terry, No i can't, i have had a similar discussion with a investment consultant i talked to a while ago and that is what i remember. I am happy to be proven wrong. But my 2 cents is it is worth mentioning to the OP.
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    Wireless hardrive and ipads

    I am affraid you are not allowed to turn wifi, no.
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    ATO & non-rental/non-investment overseas property

    If i reckon correctly, you need a valuation by a QS approved in Australia to calculate CG, and therefore deduct costs. You maybe need to check that point with a tax accountant.
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    Wireless hardrive and ipads

    Hi, I have a NAS at home and i store all multimedia on it. Accessible from my ATV and Ipad/iphone as well as Mac and PC sharing the same network. Additionaly i can also access to the files while i am away, through internet (ie you need a connection). A wireless hard drive was on my...
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    Beginner IP renovation question

    Hi Jane So, what is a typical fee to PM a renovation in the 30k/50k bracket? 20%? Thank you
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    Bank Account - International transfers

    +1 for HSBC premier. Very convenient to transfer money accross different account anywhere you have a HSBC account. If it is in the same currency, then there is no fee. You then make the transfert in your local bank, which is always cheaper.
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    Cheap house reno

    Nice work! Have you done it by yourself or hired tradies?
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    My first reno project is finished. I would love some feedback re numbers etc

    Hi One more question, did you choose tilling over timber floor because of price or because of personal choice? Did you receive quote for timber floor for the same surface, what is the cost/sm2 please? Thank you for keeping us informed! A lot of people on the forum like real life example rather...
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    My first reno project is finished. I would love some feedback re numbers etc

    Nice work! As it was your first reno, could you tell us how did you evaluate budget and time required? The fact that you reno cost is not deductible could be a plus in regards to CG, isn't it? Thanks
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    Help with mortgage/investment idea's?

    Unless i am wrong, one of the reason to reduce your loan limit rather than to put extra money in the offset is to improve your DSR for future loan application.