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    Brisbane Suburbs Similiar to Sydneys Mid North Shore Suburbs

    If you were to buy a house in Brisbane and you were looking for the same sort of thing you find in Sydneys Mid North Shore Suburbs (say Lindfield Killara) which suburb/s do reckon you'd buy in? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Thoughts on Noosa - Anyone?

    Economic Clock position and the underperformance of Noosa beachfront property for the last circa ten years maybe brewing a perfect storm in my opinion. Anyone follow that market closely? Kath loves Noosa and wants an apartment right on the beach in Hastings Street:eek::eek:
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    Wild Goats $4 a kilo Dressed Weight!

    Rounded up some wild goats (68 head) last week and have returned an average of $70 a goat or $4 a kilo dressed weight. This is quite big money and not bad for circa 6 hours work. Anyone here eat goat? Personally I don't.
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    Sydney Silliness Warnings 2015

    Is Sydney now starting to get too hot? Could it get hotter and then hotter again? With the experience of the investors on this forum I would like to hear of the warning signs of getting close to or past the peak and if they are starting to appear. I personally believe we have another 35% growth...
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    Bought at Auction But Now a Problem

    Hey everyone. We bought sheep in an online auction for a certain amount per head only to be told after the auction had finished that no we had not bought the sheep as the reserve price was entered incorrectly into the system. Now this has caused all sorts of problems as there are four parties in...
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    Who Bought in Sydney 2003/2004/2005/2006? And What Value is it Now (2014)?

    Interested to know if anyone here bought in Sydney in those years and are now sitting pretty close to a doubling. If not doubled yet what percentage do you need to double. If have renovated just include that in the conversation.
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    Firewood - How Much Do You Pay?

    Hello there - just wondering how much people pay for firewood say on a per kilogram basis? The other day I saw 15 kilogram bags at Shell service station selling for 3 bags for $36. This is 80 cents per kilogram or $800 per tonne. In my area they sell firewood by the ute load and if split...
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    Brisbane Wingman or WingWoman Wanted

    OK - have done my research and want to buy in Brisbane in next couple of months. Have narrowed it down to Manly and Wynnum area or postcodes 4178 and 4179. Have also narrowed down price which is less than $420,000 and want a house. Does not matter about make up of house as long as has 2 bedrooms...
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    Sydney East - Any Encouraging Signs of Life?

    Sydney inner west doing well and Parramatta region by the sounds but how are the eastern suburbs going? Any solid evidence that the market is showing decent price gains or is it only slowly awakening? Anyone have a feeling the inner west is going up in price too quickly and some focus will shift...
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    Tendering for $1 Million of Debt to be Re-financed

    We have $1 million debt with several different loans probably averaging 8% with CBA. Is there anyone out there that can refinance the lot and fix it for five years at 6.5% or better? Would be keen to hear from all the mortgage brokers on here. Best tender not necessarily accepted.
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    Any Bird Watchers Out There???

    Wondering if we have any bird watchers (talking about the ones with feathers - not the ones on the beach) out there in Somersoft land?? If so have you ever been on a bird watching tour? What was it like? Was it worth the money? I'm trying to help our town attract visitors and thought this...
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    Buy for $85k, rent for $230 a week. Just do it???

    Stumbled across this the other day. Prime main street location. Nothing to do as far as Renos. Only trouble is - it is in a small regional town of population less than 4000. I sort of feel as though I should just buy it. It would help our situation atm and would be a very affordable step in...
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    Gladstone QLD - How is it Going????

    Anyone on the ground up there? How is Gladstone going? Are rents moving up rapidly? Are there heaps of people fighting to rent out properties? Are house prices moving up or is it dead? What is the vibe? Would appreciate any feedback. Thankyou.
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    Troublesome Tenants - What would you do??

    Tenants in unit in NSW are starting to be a lot of trouble. How is the best way to get them out with regard to the new tenancy laws? They are on a periodic agreement which has not been signed yet (if that is possible). Need them out ASAP. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou
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    A.C.T. Property Owners - Want to Lease Roof??

    Does anyone in the A.C.T. want to make some extra dollars for leasing their roof to me? Residential or commercial or farmers and hobby farmers. I would be wanting to install solar panels. This is more of a expression of interest at this moment in time but would be keen to run the numbers with...
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    Anyone Installed Solar on an IP or Commercial Property??

    Just wondering how you deal with the electricity bill or credit with the tenants? I have been told that you can put a variation in the lease relating to this and if the tenant signs it then it is legally binding. Does anyone have experience with this? Would be interested to hear. Thankyou.
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    Kangaroo Meat. Would You Eat It??

    Was posting on Graingrowers thread The Future of Food and somehow I got onto this subject as I wouldn't mind farming roos. If you would be prepared to eat kangaroo how much do you think you would want to pay for it? I saw it in Woollies the other day for $10.99 kilogram and was very surprised...
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    Bad Bad Service Stories

    Anyone got really bad service lately that they want to share their story? A bloke called Justin Herald in his book "How to Grow your Business Without Spending a Single Cent" (worth reading if you are a business owner) tells a story similiar to mine below. Kath and I are looking for a second...
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    Anyone heard of Urban Promotions?

    Is this company fair dinkum or not? They offered me $1500 of shopping vouchers for $130. Can pay by cheque or credit card (which I never do). Apparently you get a book of vouchers worth $1500 and consists of mainly services and food eg buy one and get one free. Any comments? Thanks.
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    Gladstone? Calliope? Tannum Sands? or Where?

    Where are the hotspots going to be? Where are places to avoid? Where will be a good place in this area in 20 or 50 years time? We are seriously looking at the Gladstone area but do not know that much at this stage. Can any one help out on the above questions? I know there are a few other...