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    Bad bad bad Journalism! Young Property Gun

    Wow there are a lot of negative comments on here. That's disappointing. A lot of kids get help from their parents, education, cash etc. She has chosen to do something with (the bulk of) it, and she seems to be getting slammed here. Sure, she may not be a Property Expert, but...
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    Problem with Brisbane Council -- New Driveway and Tree

    Sounds good mate. Flick me a PM.
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    Problem with Brisbane Council -- New Driveway and Tree

    Even if you get approval to remove it it is going to cost you big time. We luckily enough got approval to remove a tree a while back but only because it was quite unhealthy and deemed to not be able to survive if we put a driveway in anywhere near it. 11.5k later. To confirm it was on...
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    Apparently I'm considered "Rich" or "Loaded"...

    Oh absolutely, I meant that purely generically. Yep, I remember years ago at a Brad Sugars presentation he was talking about how, even though he drove an S-something merc tank, he bought a hilux and always used to go to property inspections/deals in that because of how he believed he was...
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    Brisbane Bayside: North (Sandgate, Shorncliffe) vs South (Manly, Wynnum)

    Hahahahah. Don't forget just reclaiming half of Bulimba and Hawthorne and destroying the rest of it with train noise :D
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    Brisbane Bayside: North (Sandgate, Shorncliffe) vs South (Manly, Wynnum)

    Wynnum, Manly and Lota, in particularly Wynnum are well serviced by Trains. I was very concerned about this when we moved out here after moving from Graceville where the rail is a 20m ride to city) There are THREE stations in Wynnum, with another in Lindum which would probably service a...
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    build and sell OR sell land

    Hi there, if the block is on two lots already, ID survey should not be more than 2k including GST. Letiha the survey you are talking about sounds like a reconfiguration of lot survey. This was about how much we paid for the surveyor component of the DA for a 1 into 2 lot block recently...
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    Netflix..what are you watching??

    Brooklyn Nine Nine for the win. Absolute gold. We also loving Shameless at the moment. It's excellent.
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    Brisbane - QUU Infrastructure charges on 2 lot to 2 title "splitter" block

    That's why I'm posting on here JSOE, so that anyone in the same boat can use this to help them as precedent is applicable. Cheers!
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    Apparently I'm considered "Rich" or "Loaded"...

    Hahahah I was just thinking that!! But yer perceptions are funny sometimes. May as well take advantage of them :D
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    Where is the Gold in the Coast? Opinions on the Gold Coast

    Big fan of southport. Haven't spent enough time looking, but anywhere up to Labrador I'd be happy I think. Would much prefer to get a bit of land than a unit/apartment, but that is just me!
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    Brisbane - QUU Infrastructure charges on 2 lot to 2 title "splitter" block

    Got awesome news this morning. QUU Infrastructure charges were amended from $14,000 to zero. Please see the screenshot attached. (I couldn't copy and paste from PDF and couldn't be bothered retyping it!) I am told by my town planner that many have not been awarded this correction...
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    Subdivision and New Build - Virginia QLD

    What went wrong with the initial builder? We have also had a terrible time with the contracts process with them, even after 10 builds with them in the last 24 months. We feel the blame lies solely on the sales team, not head office, but unfortunately it has prompted us to move to Stylemaster...
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    Brisbane - QUU Infrastructure charges on 2 lot to 2 title "splitter" block

    It's a bit odd the way it's occurred. We haven't been hit with charges on any of our other projects between July 2014 and now thankfully, but it's a concerning precedent, which is why I'm going to continue fighting it as hard as possible.
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    Seen any great movies lately

    I enjoyed John Wick as well. Especially the build up at the beginning. I felt it tapered off at the end though. I thoroughly enjoyed The Kingsmen as well. Great action, entertaining banter, in some parts epically violent hahah. Samuel L Jackson was classic in it.
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    Brisbane - QUU Infrastructure charges on 2 lot to 2 title "splitter" block

    Exactly what Sailesh said mate. One of the pros of these type of blocks as opposed to similar sized blocks with only 1 lot, is that you don't need to lodge any form of development application to BCC, nor pay infrastructure charges for the subdivision which can cost between 40-60k on top of...
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    Brisbane - QUU Infrastructure charges on 2 lot to 2 title "splitter" block

    Got a call from the office of the CEO today, told me it was looking likely they would cancel the charges. I'm not getting my hopes up yet, but I'm doing my best to stay positive. The fellow I spoke to had some authority (the first time we spoke to someone in QUU that appeared to have such...
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    Help - Top Brisbane Suburb for long term growth around $500k

    I'm in a very similar boat and have been looking around northern suburbs for something with minimum 600m2 (LMR) or 809m2 LDR with a reasonable house on it that would be near enough to neutrally geared that I can still throw the bulk of my super contributions into managed funds/shares etc. I...
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    Brisbane - QUU Infrastructure charges on 2 lot to 2 title "splitter" block

    Yeah I dodged one of those recently too :D It's all good when you can make decisions based on information made available to your town planner etc, but makes it bloody hard when council and QUU change the playing field without telling anyone! Cheers,
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    Brisbane Pool Builders Wanted

    Try Daniel at CL Pools. He is currently doing two for us and one for my Aunt in Law. He came recommended by our builder and we have found him to be an excellent communicator. Also he is very fairly priced. Cheers