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    What time do you wake up? How successful are you?

    2<4 am every day , How successfull ? more than most , but les than some , love my wife ,enjoy my life and adore my daughter , so i would say very succesfull!
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    Retaining wall recs for Canberra

    guys remember retaining walls are not just a big heavy wall , they are structured in some-most cases like the letter "L" in the way that rhe footing is the horizontal and with the use of 20mm reo bars protruding through the top of this footing , the bessa blks then get laid over the bars and...
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    A strong aussie$ & buying in NZ

    reminds me of when i was thinking of buying a 5m tinnie (boat) from NZ due to the doller being so strong and all , the other half looked over my shoulder "as they do" and said your f******* mad i said why ? you will drown bringing it back , i laughed and told her i was actually thinking of...
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    HTW Month in Review for May 2011

    thank you rix , interesting view in canberra so late after the fires perhaps the pilot was asleep at the wheel this month?
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    Interesting Article

    booms are from lack of tradies/low interest rates , so the property values on new buildings go UP, the older places follow, the busts? due to the shortage of dwellings being built as builders will not take the risk/ on higher interest rates, the houses are in great demand as people get evicted...
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    Inflation prices sinking...What will the RBA do?

    thats one of the resons i have let our million $$$ mortage go , nice little cottage we are in now ( owned ) and taxes this month and buy for the next two years , so i agree ...
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    City bank are dogs

    sorry to drop this and p/off, they sent a fax through the day before settlement and said they would not support our 200k loan, as it works out they had the wrong paper work and they are not dogs , just incompentent like most major finance players , Sooo after a night of dry reaching , it all...
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    City bank are dogs

    they reniged on their ofer to provide 200k on our new purchase , house purchase is 550 and we are cashed up for 383 wanted the 200k to settle some credit cards etc etc , the day before setelment , Sheesh what timing . our 1,000,000 loan would be reduced to the 200k and they are still not happy...
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    grout haze- advice needed

    scrub it back with a soft broom, dry, this will lift it .
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    Water supply to fridge?

    moving to a new home , well new for us , has no water for our ice and water so thats the first thing on the list,
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    Turf v Grass Seeds

    15m2 please use turf , or fake lawn , seeds are such a pain,
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    Rubbish found in soil and footing work

    these numbers seem normal for a "m" class site , in canberra a typical "M' class site would be 400mm x 500mm 3 bar tm 11 , if it was dbl brick it would be 4 bar tm 11. For those interested it means 400mm wide footing, and 500mm deep using 3 bar trench mesh that is 11mm in diamater top and...
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    Rubbish found in soil and footing work

    you have been taken RR ther is A class site ie rocm ,M class moderate , and gee i can't remember , any way its soft site anrequires piers , in the footings if they charged you this you have been robed .
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    Slab Movement

    Its likely due to the incredable wet season, things move as is my home , the rain has settled things and i susbect these platletts have changed , i built this home and even built on rock there seems to be some movement.
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    House finally sold what a jeorney !Sheesh!

    Holder, next PPOR on the list.
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    what is the difference between sewer drain and stormwater drain?

    just guessing , but this is true.
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    what is the difference between sewer drain and stormwater drain?

    the sewer drain will be either Terracotta (known to plumbers as CLAY ) or 100mm pvc pipe. A storm drain will be plain cement/concrete , or if new 90mm pvc pipe .
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    Keeping radiation in context.

    Ok then time to read some stuff, i did the google search and ten minits of reading , tells me its the energy source of the future , flying planes , fueling cars , using teck bioligys and algasides , solar products that fill the car while you sleep, if the world gives it 5% that it does for...
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    Keeping radiation in context.

    True i don't know about this science, its not in my field , but its worth a mention , i still think my argument is still valid , :rolleyes:, sort of ??? i just need to read more about it ,lol.