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    What's gonna stop the Sydney boom?

    I think a lot of suburbs get labelled as gentriying when the only reason they increased in value was the domino effect from other suburbs increasing. That's my take on Mount Druitt.
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    Future party leader

    They might go for some youth and put in a surprise like Josh Frydenberg. Reason for this is- Hockey will never be PM after his performance as treasurer Scott Morrison isn't popular due to his stints with Human Services and Immigration Malcolm Turnball has had his time Julie Bishop-...
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    Bad bad bad Journalism! Young Property Gun

    There would seem to be a lot we aren't being told in that story: - It's easy to save and have the lifestyle if your family pays for everything you'd spend your cash on. - A political adviser straight out of uni? What life or professional experience does she have to offer exactly? That's...
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    Elizabeth Downs -Hot lead for low cost Mortgagee Sale

    Depends on the condition really. There was one being rented for $235 earlier this year that got snapped up within a week. It was on Donnington Road Elizabeth North, which is one of the worst streets in Elizabeth North.
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    Poor first home buyers Sydney

    I think you're totally ignoring cash flow investors who tend to invest in the 'first home buyer suburbs'. Look at how popular threads on Adelaide are on here- particularly in the southern (Christie Downs, Christie Beach, Hackham) and northern suburbs (Elizabeth). We see it as well with Melbourne...
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    Poor first home buyers Sydney

    Look at the population growth in that time though...when I say that I specifically mean in Sydney though! A place like Adelaide has actually got a lot more affordable within the past 25 years.
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    Worst Melbourne suburb within 15km of the City (excluding the West)

    I heard that place is pretty rough (never been to Melbourne though).
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    Share your "but this time it's different" stories

    Unfortunately most people aren't very financially educated. They just look at the money they receive and pay no attention to the consequences of it. We live in a country of instant gratification where people would rather take out a personal loan and pay 15% interest each month instead of saving...
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    Will you have a Job in 2025..

    I'm not sure what I'l be doing but I'll be working doing something.
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    Sydney Silliness Warnings 2015

    The main danger I can see for the property market is the difference between wage growth and house price increases. House prices are relatively flat everywhere in the country (rising by inflation), except in Sydney where it?s going nuts. I see 2 scenarios: 1. The economy recovers, business...
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    Share your "but this time it's different" stories

    It?s already been widely acknowledged by academics, economists, and sectors of the media that letting people access their super in order to take out a home loan is bad policy, which will lead to house prices inflating even further. Politicians generally act for short-term populist interests...
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    Peoples thoughts on Adelaide?

    I'd be looking to purchase through the Affordable Homes Scheme. Not all the properties are at Elizabeth. They have one that come up in Ingle Farm, Para Hills, and Wynn Vale etc. You just got to keep an eye out for them and put your offer in fast once you see one you like. Medium to long term...
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    Peoples thoughts on Adelaide?

    South Australia's economy is heavily reliant on manufacturing and is simply a casualty of the free trade agreements that favour mining and agriculture over manufacturing and that's how it is. Neither mining or agriculture are labour intensive so there is massive job loss. As things are winding...
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    Share your "but this time it's different" stories

    Passing a law to allow FHBs to access their super for a deposit would be absolutely terrible policy. It will do exactly the opposite of making houses affordable, as the super will just cause an inflationary effect. The 'affordability crisis' is really only limited to Sydney. Personally I'd...
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    Poor first home buyers Sydney "An unhealthily high ratio of investor-owned properties is already occurring with ABS data confirming that 60% of NSW home loan...
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    Peoples thoughts on Adelaide?

    True but I think the prices will depreciate further in the next few years ahead. I'm saving a bit more money to avoid LMI and purchasing in Salisbury region next.
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    Peoples thoughts on Adelaide?

    No doubt but the median is a general value. For every person who made money there is a lot of people that lost it. E.g Sold for 178k back in 2008. Renovated the kitchen and put in new floorboards and tidied up the...
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    Peoples thoughts on Adelaide?

    It'll be the outer Southern and Northern suburbs that feel it the most. I'm not expecting much growth for the next couple of years and wouldn't be surprised if some suburbs actually lose value. E.g Over the past 5 years the median price in Elizabeth has actually fallen. Elizabeth -10%...
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    Poor first home buyers Sydney

    Adelaide's result doesn't surprise me. Unemployment in South Australia is at a 14 year high of 7.6%:eek: