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  1. DaleGG

    Bill Zheng's Cashflow Mortgage

    Hi Have a close look at the costs to you for redrawing funds from this product; and the level of commissions involved compared to ordinary commissions. Also, look long and hard at your own financial needs and investment strategies to see if this product is in alignment. Dale
  2. DaleGG

    rolf, is that you?

    Hi Congrats on a great article, Rolf. You deserve to be recognised for all your hard work and integrity. Enjoy!! Dale
  3. DaleGG

    Name Your Dream Car(s)???

    Hi Mine was the BMW Z3 3.0 Litre V6 Roadster I bought it abt 4 years ago still turns me on. Have fun Dale
  4. DaleGG

    HDT Update

    :D Further to NickM's post on the InvestEd forum.... Last year; we had the tax office ask for a lot of information on the HDT that we use in relation to about a dozen clients. We provided all the usual information and the tax office went away for a little while and then came back and...
  5. DaleGG

    Meet the (HDT) Knockers!

    Hi Yes, I am retiring on Friday 29th June. Yes, I shall be around to assist James and the others with enquiries re trusts, tax and wealth related issues. I am retiring, not abandoning..... Have fun Dale
  6. DaleGG

    Meet the (HDT) Knockers!

    Hi But, only in the short term. In the longer term, the result may not be so simple, Julia. Dale
  7. DaleGG

    Meet the (HDT) Knockers!

    Hi Alex No, not at all. Just sick and tired of people not listening. Dale
  8. DaleGG

    2007 tax planning ideas

    Hi The following will be posted on our web page within the next week. I hope it is helpful in some small way.... 2007 Tax Planning With the end of the financial year fast approaching, the following brief thoughts might be useful for you to do something about reducing the amount of...
  9. DaleGG


    Hi I have always personally enjoyed the wild free for all.....:D :D :p Ethically speaking, of course Dale
  10. DaleGG

    Chasing a quantity surveyor and IP accountant

    hi Duane MRY makes a fantastic contribution to this forum and has proven his knowledge many, many times as an accountant. I understand that he is in the Manly area and I can strongly recommend him. Dale
  11. DaleGG

    Medicare Surcharge

    Hi The tax office will likely pick this up in due course when they cross check everything. In many ways, you should volunteer the information as it always looks better than being caught out....and, it may work in your favour one day if something else is not good. Dale
  12. DaleGG

    Cash gift, is it taxable?

    Hi Will No, the repayment of a loan is not taxable income at all. However, the onus of proof rests on you to prove that it is a genuine loan and not income. Dale
  13. DaleGG

    Another Blow to Hybrids

    Hi As I ahve said over and over again..... It depends upon what type of HDT you are talking about. If a Batten or MGS deed then I am prepared to continue to treat this as "steady as she goes" However, if a poorly worded deed, then, I would be willing to lose a client than claim...
  14. DaleGG

    Another Blow to Hybrids

    Hi We continue to prepare tax returns for the HDT's that use a Batten/MGS trust deed based on our knowledge, experience and advice received. Nothing has changed for us in this regard. However, if one of the inferior deeds pop up then we will alert our clients to the risks and suggest of...
  15. DaleGG

    Another Blow to Hybrids

    Hi What an absolutely brilliant post. Thank you for the clarity of your thinking and the common sense practicality of your suggestion. Dale
  16. DaleGG

    Another Blow to Hybrids

    Hi Julia As a tax expert, yourself, surely you understand that weeks could be months.... But, if you know of a quicker way to get an answer then I am quite prepared to consider it. Remember, I am not doing this for me; nor for my clients, but instead to attempt to get some closure on...
  17. DaleGG

    Another Blow to Hybrids

    Hi Mry This approach can really only go one of two ways. The court will either find that the HDT that I use, and the way that i use it, is consistent with the law or it will find that it is not. If it is consistent, then, I will have proven once for all hopefully, that a good HDT trust...
  18. DaleGG

    Another Blow to Hybrids

    hi Cliff There is no such thing as 100% certainty with anything when it comes to tax.....even the tax office have turned face and argued against their own public rulings in the past!! However, to put this issue to bed, I have spoken to Chris Batten this morning and offered to personally...
  19. DaleGG

    Another Blow to Hybrids

    Hi Another thought for you to contemplate.... People ask for PBR's when they do not know the answer and want to sure of doing things in line iwth the tax office opinions. People who know the law rarely ask for a PBR because they know what is likely to be right and likely to be wrong...
  20. DaleGG

    Music - blasts from the past

    Hehehe Thanks for that guys; some great suggestions for follow up. We have about 3,500 songs on the iPod ranging from the just released to even a few hits from the 50's and covering just about every genre possible. Naturally, most sit comfortably on any radio station but there are quite a...