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    Question - car loan - jointly owned house as security

    Thanks. I think the answer is that the loan needs to be in joint names (both husband & wife) OR that if the loan is in the husbands name only, the wife has to be guarantor (as the property is held in joint names) I have been studying all weekend and my brain is going to mush :eek:
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    Question - car loan - jointly owned house as security

    Hi everyone, this is a question for a mortgage law assignment that is due this week. A husband and wife jointly own a house (no mortgage) The husband wishes to borrow $70,000 to buy a sports car and use the house as security. Does the wife need to be included in the loan agreement between...
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    gangnam style

    star in your oen gangnam style video here is a clever site (it's free), that lets you put a photo of your own head into the gangnam style video clip
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    Adelaide Meeting

    am interested in attending the norwood meeting. Also, are you still looking for people for the joint pricefinder log in? I had a free trial that has ended, & would like to join a group subscription cheers
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    how wide should a garage be?

    measurements on plan wrong i went back & measured the lane is 2.3m wide & the garage is 2.37m wide (internally) the plans state 2.7m wide & are clearly wrong i don't think that I could open my car doors & the house is advertised as having 2 off street car parks!
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    how wide should a garage be?

    hi, does anyone know how wide a garage should be, so that you park a car in it, & open the doors on both sides so that a passenger & driver can get out of the car? is there a building code for garage sizes? i am looking at a house that is for sale...
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    Adelaide Selling Agent or Broker Contacts

    whereabouts are your properties located?
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    Outsourcing - "White Collar Recession"

    suncorp insurance sending jobs off shore It is not just banks, Suncorp insurance have retrenched 50 staff so far and sent 71 jobs to India. I note that only 2 months ago in November last year Suncorp were...
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    beutifying internal brick walls

    i had gyprock glued to internal bessa brick walls if bricks have been painted the masonry adhesive wont work properly, so you have to get an angle grinder and take paint off (that's what the grey circles in the photo are) -a messy & time consuming job before photo after photo
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    Roller blinds, curtains or verticals ?

    roller blinds i would use roller blinds for a rental property Roller blinds are: 1. less likely to get damaged/tangled/broken 2. are cheaper 3. are more modern looking last week Spotlight had a buy 2 roller blinds get one free sale - not sure if they are still on sale)
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    Colour suggestions for dark house (bad orientation) with Jarrah floors.

    dulux fair bianca my last house had jarrah floors & was a dark cottage - remember to check the sample on the wall in the day & night (La Marque looked great on the wall during the day, but at night time looked really YELLOW) antique usa made the walls look dirty - I ended up...
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    Looking for good Fencing and Paving Contractor in SA

    i found jim's fencing to be the cheapest, when I got a couple of quotes for colourbind fencing last year - good luck
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    Cooking smell - herbs and spices

    smell coming through wall this may be a bit off topic but does relate to cooking smells i bought a unit a little over 12 months ago - i rented it out for 12 months then last week the tenants left & i am planning on moving in after i renovate it the inside of the unit smelled funny, i...
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    order of properties listed on websites

    source code hi, i tried your trick of look at the source code i searched for price - but lots of numbers came up this is advertised as $475K, in the source code i found "sub=beulahpark;price=750k_1m" is...
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    how IP managers find new tenants?

    i rented my IP myself - I had 2 scheduled open times a week wednesday night 5.30 to 6.30 and saturday morning. 10 - 11.30 I had lots of people ring up and say they couldn't make those times, but they were really interested, could I do a special viewing? so I would make a time (take time...
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    To renovate or not to renovate..

    just go to Bunnings and buy some modern silver door handles/knobs. in my rental, the kitchen had mission brown cupboards, i painted them white & put new handles on & it looks great ( okay, not so great as a brand new kitchen ) but pretty good for about $50 (i used paint left over from my own...
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    covering brick internal walls

    approximately how much does it cost to pay someone to gyprock a 2 bedroom unit? i have a unit in magill (adelaide sa) that has all internal walls as exposed brick
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    property books for sale

    hi, i have some books for sale - all are in excellent condition $10 each plus postage (or pick up from Adelaide cbd in my lunch break) * Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki * Cashflow Quadrant - Robert Kiyosaki * Anita Bell - your money starting out and starting over * sam vannutini -...
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    Advertising on

    hi, i just wanted to add that I too have recently advertised my 1st IP on & domain through - they have been extremely prompt in uploading the advertisements, very helpful and responded very quickly with any queries that I had - the cost was $199 to...
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    self managing

    my sister in law had a unit in Adelaide that was managed by a PM, the tenants (a middle aged couple) were occasionally late paying the rent, then their adult son got divorced and moved in with the parents bringing his kids with him, so there were 3 adults & 2 kids living in this teeny 2 bedroom...