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    Contract sale date

    Hi all I am going to sell some land that I have but have only held it for 10months. I will wait another 2 months first before offloading it, to get the 50% cgt exemption. My question is this. An agent has presented me with a buyer that wishes to sign the contract post-dated 2 months...
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    Overdraft to Personal Loan Change

    Hi all I'm after some advice / options please. My inlaws had a 16,000 overdraft secured by a rural piece of land worth about that amount. They were paying $200/mnth to cover the interest component of the loan (arrangment with the bank I believe). Suncorp-Metway have just converted...
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    Make an Offer Form

    Hi all I thought I'd share with the group a form that I've been using for a while. I've found it great for making offers. Comments? something I've missed or can add let me know. Ta Aaron
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    From: Aaron Dwyer Can someone point me in the direction of what the zoning Res BR4 stands for. (QLD)? -- Aaron Dwyer ~ To know and not to do, is really not to know at all.
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    Casual Let through Agent

    From: Aaron Dwyer Hi all I am in the process of casually letting my property through an agent in order get my property tenanted. After that I'm going to manage. With keys at 4 agents and me advertising it's taken 6 weeks to fill a fully renovated house. Finally after 3 knockbacks by me, a...
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    Self Manage Legalities

    From: Aaron Dwyer Hi all I'm planning on commencing self managing a rental this weekend and would like to know how many of you self managers out there use an application form to assist with screening. I've previously been lucky to rent to family and hence haven't needed an application form...
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    Stamp Duty for QLD calculator

    From: Aaron Dwyer Sorry about this people but the search is just not working for me. I can't even find my own posts with it. :( There was a request for a spreadsheet calculator for stamp duty not to long ago. I even posted a response. I have one for WA but need one with the scale for QLD...
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    Selling before 1st July

    From: Aaron Dwyer I have a friend who is holding off selling his IP on advice from his accountant that if he signs the contract now CGT is due this year even if settlement is after 1st July. Is this correct?? I thought it was determined when you get hold of the money not when you simply sign...
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    Bath Repaint

    From: Aaron Dwyer Reno question. I need to paint the bath and vanity basin to get it white instead of 70's lime/yellow. I've picked up some Tub'N'Tile from WhiteKnight, but before I use it I thought I'd ask if anyone has used it before?? Successful??? Yes / No. I remember seeing something...
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    Two PPOR

    From: Aaron Dwyer Hi all Can you have 2 x PPOR?? 1 in your name 1 in your spouses name Thanks Aaron -- Aaron Dwyer Freestyler Novice ~ To know and not to do, is really not to know at all.
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    Furnished Rental Agreement

    From: Aaron Dwyer I'm thinking about renting my house out fully / partially furnished. Should I add any extra clauses to the standard rental agreement? I'm in QLD. For e.g to cover the contents. Thanks -- Aaron Dwyer Freestyler Novice ~ To know and not to do, is really not to know at all.
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    Investing in Real Estate on a Budget

    From: Aaron Dwyer Hi all I'm trying to track down a fantastic book by Alan Falkson published by Elephas. Title "Investing in Real Estate on a Budget". I highly recommend it to all. Does any one know where I can find it. My copy that I use as my bible has seen better days. I need a new one...
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    Easier navigating through emails

    From: Aaron Dwyer Hi all Is there a way to have the email list default to expanded mode for all threads, rather than just seeing the top title.?? This would make seeing new emails, reading and marking off read threads much easier. Trying to stay on top of new emails sprinkled around the...
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    Partnership Agreement

    From: Aaron Dwyer Hi all I am looking at entering a partnership agreement with a friend to start property reno's. I am in Brisbane CBD. I have a quote of $550 from a local solicitor, is this a decent price.?? We have found some agreements on the internet and changed them around until we...