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    Paul Council...the Property Multimillionaire coming down...

    Hi All I am going to Paul Council's presentation on Wealth and Health. He is worth over $10Mill...and he built that up over years...not like some of the fly by "gurus". When someone of that calibre comes to speak...i listen. You should all come down... Khurram
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    I need a Property MENTOR...

    Kristine I am from Melbourne as well. THanks for the quick reply...i appreciate it. Do you think you have someone in mind?? Khurram
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    I need a Property MENTOR...

    Hi All I thought what better place to put this topic then this forum. If anyone can help will be from this forum. As many of you know, i have left IT and am doing Property Development FULL TIME. However i am facing some "challenges". My focus has been purely the BroadAcre Land, where...
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    Renovation in North Melbourne?

    Hi Gals and Guys There was a post on a while back by a guy who said he was doing a reno in NOrth Melbourne and was happy to share pointers with us and to give him a call... Does any one remember who it was? If so could you kindly give me his number thanks for listening. Khurram
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    ALL MELBOURNE grads (Geoff & Paul Eslick Course) get together

    Hi All All melbourne grads for the Property Master class (Geoff and Paul Eslick)held in Brisbane last weekend...can you email me. I am putting a list together. So we can learn off each other and make lots of friends and money at the same time!! Khurram Saeed 0403-227-087
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    What is your life purpose?

    Here is mine...would you like to share your life purpose? The purpose of my life is to serve God and my fellowman, and that is by being a powerful, loving, playful , outrageous, passionate, courageous and shining example of the unlimited possibilities that God gives to all those who commit...
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    What is your ultimate goal?

    One of my and my wife's top most Financial goals for the next 5 years is to own an Island in Fiji and have a world-class resort on it, where I go 4 times a year with my friends and family and think about life and set some more and more empowering golas! I just did a goal-setting workshop on...
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    What's wrong with Heidelberg in Melbourne?

    I came a nice deal in Heidelberg recently. It is a suburb 10.5KM from Melbourne CBD. It has everything going for it...but I cant see for the life of me why the median price is still sitting at $275K. Where as 2 mins down the road to Bulleen, its a totally different story...i.e a lot more...
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    Rezoning - from Industrial to Residential

    Hi All Has anyone done this yet, buy a Industrial Zone land and turn it into a Residential Zone 1. How long did it take? Was it worth it? Thanks Khurram Saeed
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    Construction cost - by state and region

    what sort of costs are we talking about with Cornell's BULLETIN report. Has anyone used it here? What sort of information do they have about the project? THanks for your help Khurram
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    REnovation Workshop

    no problems, will do Khurram
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    REnovation Workshop

    Hi All I am going to Geoff Doidge's workshop in Brisbane on the 15th of Feb, 2003. If anyone was thinking of going, we can book together and get better deal. For 1 person = $1490 for 2 people = $1310 for 3 = $1200 So if anyone was thinking of going anyways, and would like to save maybe...
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    Geoff Doidge and Peter Workshop

    Hi All I am going to Geoff Doidge's workshop in Brisbane on the 15th of Feb, 2003. If anyone was thinking of going, we can book together and get better deal. For 1 person = $1490 for 2 people = $1310 for 3 = $1200 So if anyone was thinking of going anyways, and would like to save maybe...
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    Commercial Refurbishment

    Hi All I hope everyoe had a tremendous new year, and got lots of presents for Christmas... Is there anyone on this forum who has done Commercial Refurbishment. i.e. buy a structurally sound commercial building but that looks like a dump from inside. Refurbish the inside to make it look...
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    Anthony Robbins seminar

    Reply: 2 From: Khurram Saeed Also, just adding to what the others just said, buy his book Awaken the Giant Within and ask her to read it before you guys go...this sounds a bit corny...but it will change her life and your life for EVER...if you use 10% of what he will teach...i am doing his...
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    FREE Property Workshop again - Melbourne

    From: Khurram Saeed Hi Guys and Gals All 5 tickets were gone that same day...some people are really focused and driven...some cancelled appointments and made it to the workshop...and they really enjoyed it. There is another one coming up this coming Wednesday on the 18th of September, same...
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    guerrilla real estate investor club?

    From: Khurram Saeed Hi all I was told about this by an acquaitance, has anyone heard of these people. They are called Let me know please thanks. Khurram
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    Making Money thru Mezzanine Funding

    Reply: From: Khurram Saeed Finally a well thought out answer....rather then the usuall dooms day scenarios... thanks steve. You know i have to ask you this, you are not one of HK's consultant are you? Have you done any of this type of funding yourself, i would love to know...
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    Making Money thru Mezzanine Funding

    Reply: 1.1 From: Khurram Saeed Thanks for that Igs. So if i had 200,000 odd dollars, and i just wanted to do mez funding to small botiuque type developers, could I do something like that? Or am I dreaming? Thanks for your insight, Igs. I appreciate it more then you know mate. Cheers Khurram
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    Making Money thru Mezzanine Funding

    From: Khurram Saeed Hi All Has anyone on this forum, done mezzanine funding, backed by Residential Property. Meaning giving money to deveoplers to develop and charging high interest rates for that money. Does anyone have any solicitor contacts in melbourne who has done this sort of thing...