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    Perth meetup - Saturday, June 20th

    Hi folks, Was thinking of having another meetup in the same venue as the January one, the Balmoral Hotel in East Victoria Park. I'm thinking Saturday, June 20th from 12 in the dining area again. Anyone else interested?
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    6 month post-build inspection

    The 6 month post handover inspection for a new build is about due. I have never done this before and would appreciate any pointers. What should I look for? - flaked paint? - signs of leakage in roof and wet areas?
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    Giving away investing books

    I'm clearing out some of my library and am giving away the following. If you are in Perth and can pick these up then message me. You must take all so no cherry picking as I don't have the time or patience to have peeps coming in dribs and drabs. Sorry, non-Perth peeps but NO I am not willing...
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    Handover on new build checklist

    Hi folks, I am going through the process of building for the first term as a learning experience. So far, it has gone relatively smoothly aside from a minor hiccup or two and I am now at the handover stage. My punch list consists of what's on the build contract specs and selections...
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    IP insurance broker wanted

    Hi folks, I'm after a referral for a good insurance broker for an IP. I am based out West though I doubt that matters much nowadays.
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    Can you recommend a good property manager in Kewdale?

    I'm in the closing stages of building a 3 x 2 in Kewdale, WA which will be ready for tenancy in a few weeks. Can you recommend a good property manager. By "good" I mean: Actually vets potential tenants actually inspects the property when they say they do, no drive by inspections collects...
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    Lawn or astroturf

    I'm building a 3 x 2 in Perth that is going to be an IP. I'm not a hands-on property manager/owner and detest maintenance work on my PPOR, let alone any IPs. Looking for suggestions on whether to go with grass or astroturf on the front verge. My thinking is: Saves on lawn mowing...
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    The Space Invaders House

    Absolutely love this design. Drove past today and took a few photos
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    live like an eskimo

    So my favourite house of all time is for sale I'd like to buy it just for *****s and giggles
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    Great doco on the Chinese credit bubble

    Great BBC doco on the state of the ever expanding credit bubble in China. I found it fascinating viewing. apologies if this has been posted before just realised this should probably go in the economics section
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    Startup Weekend Perth - Feb 21st-23rd

    Hi folks, Many of you asked me about the next Startup Weekend, Perth which will take place over the weekend of Feb 21-23rd. For those who just wanted to come down and check it out without having to commit to participating in a team over the entire weekend the observer tickets are now...
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    Your opinion please

    Hi folks, Would love your vote and opinion on which logo I should choose for my latest venture - AdShirts AdShirts will be the world's first digital human billboard network. Ideally, the logo you help choose will be used across print...
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    Do valuers notice the details?

    just curious, has anyone known a valuer who pays attention to the details when it comes to the fitout of an IP? For instance, do they note if a kitchen benchtop is esse stone instead of laminate? Do they notice hardwood floors versus cheap vinyl, 31 corse brickwork instead of 28, etc or do they...
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    Terrible real estate photos

    a few laughs in here
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    Your block please

    Hi guys, we're validating a service my team is working on as part of Startup Weekend Perth. If you've got a block in WA that you intend to build a single home on that is valued at over $300,000 would you mind PMing me. We would like to help identify suitable home designs for your block...
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    Property Development & CGT liability

    Say I am going to purchase a block of land in my name (no trusts or company structure) and build two dwellings on it. This would be in addition to a day job and would be a one off for the time being. the transaction looks like: 300k land purchase 10k land purchase costs (stamps, legals...
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    protecting estate of mental illness sufferer

    How would you go about protecting the estate of a close relative who appears to be succumbing to mental illness? Would having them sign a Power of Attorney cover it? What if they refuse to do so? I take it a caveat over their properties wouldn't hurt either?
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    Govhack tools

    Just going through some of the innovative tools that have come out of govhack Australia in Review - data visualisation tool Place Me - suburb rating tool by amenities, transport, etc mashup with Google Maps Homezone - determine...
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    Perth Igloo houses

    Anyone else a fan of these? My favourite odd houses in Perth. Designed and built by the same cyclone-phobic person apparently One in Kewdale and one on Pinjarra Road near Mandurah.
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    What did you used to do?

    Bayview's "what do you do?" thread has got me thinking of what I used to do or have done for a crust. I've been a: pizza delivery driver door to door salesman telemarketer inbound call centre worker product development manager for a finance firm laborer equities and derivatives trader data...