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    Anyone been to Dubai recently?

    Hi all We are stopping over in Dubai on our way to Morocco. Does anyone recommend a hotel in Dubai that is reasonably priced and close to shopping/attractions, for my wife? There appear to be so many choices. I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks Simon
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    Borrowing offshore at lower interest rates.

    This might be a crazy question but..... Has anyone looked into borrowing a slab of money overseas at a lower interest rate to pay out debt here? Why should we pay high interest when other parts of the world is lending at much lower rates than us? Any clues? Cheers Simon
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    the fundamentals of understanding how money can work for you.

    Hi Folks I am writing this in the hope that people new to this forum can gain an insight into the way we can turn working for money into money working for them. Here are some of the most important and fundamental ideas I have come to understand from my experience as a property investor and...
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    Boom bust overview interesting link

    Hi All you budding economists Here is an interesting link relating to the 18year economic cycle that Phil Anderson spoke about at the SIG meeting earlier this year. Any thoughts? Simon
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    Are Lo doc lenders tightening their lending criteria?

    Hi all Has anyone in the broking world heard whether there are any changes to lending criteria on lo doc lending as a result of the hoo ha over the US sub prime mortgage situation? Cheers Simon
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    uk national wants to buy property in OZ

    Hi All One of my tenants is from the UK and was asking me about buying real estate here in Sydney. He was head hunted from the UK to work out here for an insurance company about six months ago. Does anyone know the process or requirements they need to address or even a link to a relevant web...
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    Travelling to the west coast US in July

    Hi Folks Maybe some one can help? We are going to San francisco in the first two weeks in Julie. We were thinking of dioing a bit of a drive around the area. Has anyone done this or something similar at that time of year? I am seeking information on accomodation availability as I thick it...
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    UFOs - Fact or Fiction?

    I was wanting to make this thread into a poll but can't figure out how. Can anyone advise? Do UFOs exist? Before anyone jumps in with assumptions here, I am referring simply to UFO’s, that is, unidentified flying objects. I am not looking for theories on “little green men”. Just interested...
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    Gold coins or bullion ?

    What is the best way to buy and hold Gold and Silver? Any ideas? Cheers Simon
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    UFO's this IS interesting Enjoy Simon
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    The evolution of the seminar

    Hi All I don't know about anyone else but I am noticing a new phenomena that is bouncing its way around our planet at an amazing pace. "The Tele-Seminar" I just got a personalised email from Jack Canfield(Chicken soup for the soul) inviting me to ask him a question so that he could maybe...
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    Creative or competitive application to wealth creation?

    Hi Folks I would like to share something I have discovered about wealth creation methods. When I was younger I was very competitive in most aspects of my life, even with music and art as I saw what I did as a commodity that could be sold at a profit in the market place. The thing that I...
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    Refinancing. Real return on invested money

    Hi folks This thought may generate some discussion. I have long been of the opinion that the quicker I get my money back from an investment means the better the investment whether it be from growth, cash flow or differing degrees of both. Here is an example: If I were to invest $100K of my...
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    "Let's play catch up"

    IMHO. Rents on the east coast are finally clawing their way back up to a more respectable level but the holding costs of real estate have, over the past few years grown at a much faster rate. This means that rents will have to continue to rise considerably until the balance is tipped in the...
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    another spreadsheet

    Hi Folks A mate of mine asked me the other day what I thought of a property he was thinking of buying. I remembered I had a SS that I used to look at a glance to see how it would perform over time in regard to "How much real money would be needed and for how long." One of my favourite motos is...
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    This is why I do what I do!

    Hi folks Just wanted to share a great result on a reno I did this year. Total time elapsed thus far = eight months and we have been using it as a PPOR for that time. PP $580 . reno $20K(smoke and mirrors) stamp duty $25K . New official written market valuation by valuer. $750K and rent @...
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    When is the next SIG meeting?

    Does anyone know if there is a SIG meeting coming up or perhpas a Xmas get together in Sydney? Cheers Julie
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    CGT on investment turned PPOR

    Hi all We are thinking of moving into one of our investment properties in Sydney and making it our PPOR. My questions is, if we renovate and sell it within a short timeframe will it attract CGT from the time it was an investment up to the time it became our PPOR. Our accountant suggested that...
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    Add an extra toilet?

    Hi Folks Has anyone used one of these products in their renovations. What do you think?Seems like a good solution to adding an extra toilet or ensuite. Simon
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    What happens to the debt when you die?

    Hi Folks (I asked this question on another forum but so far no answers) Something that someone may be able to clear up for me. What would happen to the debt on a property portfolio if for instance both husband and wife died at the same time? No trusts or other restrictions with all the...