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    Financial Planners & Property

    Hi there everyone! Obviously I'm biased, but I'm really curious to know who out there have used a financial planner and actually found them to be of some use to them? We've all read some pretty horrid things (most of them being true), but being a planner that loves property (and...
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    Suncorp putting up fixed rates tomorrow!

    General info for everyone: Effective Thursday 20th August, 2009, Suncorp are changing their fixed rates for home lending. 1 year fixed intro 5.59% 1 year fixed 5.69% 2 year fixed 6.39% 3 year fixed 6.99% 5 year fixed 7.74% 1 year fixed interest in advance 5.54% 3 year fixed interest...
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    ANZ lifting fixed rates!

    ANZ are increasing their fixed rates, as of this Monday (17th Aug 09). You have until 5pm today (Friday) to contact your mortgage broker or bank to lock in a rate under the current rates. Here is what we've been told the rates are going to: ANZ Residential 1 Year Fixed Rate Home...