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    Empty properties eating up cash flow

    Finding a tennant Spooky, You might want to consider using some innovative ways of finding a tennant, e.g. by placing a letter box drop in all similar type of properties around the block. I have used this techique a number of times and I have often found tennants living in the same...
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    Brisbane North / South Bypass Tunnel

    I have found Brisbane outer suburb (ie. Marsden/Logan) to be doing extremely well... I think property prices have gone up by about 50% over the last 6 months. Back in august last year, I was looking at houses around 75K with a 10% yield, now most houses are over $110K. Thanks to Dale...
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    Things to consider when lending money in the family

    Hi All, My friend has a question on lending money in the family: What are the ramifications of someone lending a large amount of money to someone else, as a deposit for purchasing residential investment. He would like to know if there issues with Taxation, or anything else it is good to...
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    Family Trust Capital Gain Discount

    Thanks for the reassurance Dale! The speaker talked about how he is a multi-million (typical of any seminar speaker) and that he has a "secret recipe" for wealth creation .... wait for it .... negative gearing..... then comes all the consultants that have loads of off-the-plans for sale...
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    Family Trust Capital Gain Discount

    Hi Everyone, Thanks to Dale, I have my family trust already set up. However, I went to a seminar today and the speaker was talking about that the 50% capital gains discount does not apply to family trust. Is this true? I was under the impression that a family trust with a private company...
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    Renovation books

    Hi Everyone, I want to do a renovation project on my next IP, the sort of Cosmetic renovations that Michael Croft talks about. Can anyone recommend any books/websites that I can read to learn about it? (I am not very handy and nevery done any building/painting before). Thanks! Henry
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    Cosmetic Renovation books

    From: Henry Ye This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------_=_NextPart_001_01C26837.B9579F2E Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hi Everyone, I am looking to do a cosmetic renovation project, ie buy cosmetically distressed house...
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    RE: HELP! Buying property with Cash Reply: From: Henry Ye Hi TH, Actually, I haven't thought of this, but now I will definitely think about doing it this way. I was only thinking of refinancing it the normal way, and I wasn't planning to do any renovations on it just yet, as the...
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    HELP! Buying property with Cash Reply: 2 From: Henry Ye Hi All, I am currently buying a house in Brisbane and I am paying cash for it. (I am getting it financed soon, as I don't have enough time to get it arranged before settlement.) I am using ConveyancingWorks, has anybody used them...
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    International Taxation

    Salary Sacrifice for Train Tickets ... Dale? Reply: From: Henry Ye Hi Dale or anyone that know, Just a general taxation question. Would it attract FBT if I salary sacrifice for purchasing Train tickets to and from work? Thanks, Henry
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    Wraps and Investors

    RE: Family Trust problem Reply: From: Henry Ye Hi Dale, so is what Paul said correct? ie I shouldn't have my Trust stamped in QLD?? and can I just record a minute and then buy the QLD property in my Company name? ta. Henry. -----Original Message----- From: propertyforum...
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    Wraps and Investors

    RE: Family Trust problem Reply: 2.1.1 From: Henry Ye Hi Mark, Thanks for your kind words! I believe everyone that's on this forum are already well ahead of the pack. So as Dolf De Roos says, ... happy investing! Henry. -----Original Message----- From: propertyforum Listmanager...
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    Wraps and Investors

    Family Trust problem Reply: 2 From: Henry Ye Hi All, I have recently signed a contract in my Family Trust's name to buy a property. However, I don't think my trust has been stamped in the state (QLD) yet, but it is definitely on its way to be stamped. Does anyone know if this is legal? I...
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    Depreciation in a trust

    RE: Brisbane IP solicitor/conveyance Reply: From: Henry Ye conveyancingworks sounds cheap... not sure if the quality is the same as those solicitors that charge $450 to $600. I guess I don't really know how to judge quality of conveyancors, they all sound the same. any comments...
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    Good Accountant

    RE: Family Trust Friendly Lenders Reply: From: Henry Ye Hi Kim, In your structure, does that mean you can claim deduction on the interest that you pay? Is it all legal to borrow in your own name and secure against Family Trust's asset? Henry. -----Original...
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    Good Accountant

    Family Trust Friendly Lenders Reply: From: Henry Ye Hi Everyone, Can any body recommend some Lenders that are friendly to Family Trusts? I am setting up a Trust, and it has no income yet, but I am planning to put some cash into the Trust so that it has enough to pay for a...
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    Next Property?

    Reply: 2.1.1 From: Henry Ye Hi Tibor, I am looking to buy an IP in Logan. Could you please tell me why Logan is not so desirable? (I am from Sydney) does it have high crime rate? or high vacancy rate? or lots of bad tennants? Thanks, Henry -----Original Message----- From: propertyforum...
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    Depreciation in a trust

    Brisbane IP solicitor/conveyance Reply: 2 From: Henry Ye Hi All, Can anyone recommend a good Conveyance/Solicitor to use for purchasing property in Brisbane. I am located in Sydney, but I am looking to buy IPs in Brisbane. Thanks in advance! Henry.
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    Money Management

    Reply: 2 From: Henry Ye Hi Duncan, I find that using QuikBudget software running on a Palm Pilot works really well. You can make own budgets and categories and transact on them, and you can import the transactions into Excel for end of year analysis etc. btw, if you are on the top tax...
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    Population Growth statistics

    From: Henry Ye Hi, I am new to this site, and it's great. So thanks to everyone that posts! I understand that population growth is a key factor in property price growth. So I wanted to find some census statistics on population growth by suburb in Sydney. However, by looking at the ABS...