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    Question - car loan - jointly owned house as security

    Hi everyone, this is a question for a mortgage law assignment that is due this week. A husband and wife jointly own a house (no mortgage) The husband wishes to borrow $70,000 to buy a sports car and use the house as security. Does the wife need to be included in the loan agreement between...
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    how wide should a garage be?

    hi, does anyone know how wide a garage should be, so that you park a car in it, & open the doors on both sides so that a passenger & driver can get out of the car? is there a building code for garage sizes? i am looking at a house that is for sale...
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    property books for sale

    hi, i have some books for sale - all are in excellent condition $10 each plus postage (or pick up from Adelaide cbd in my lunch break) * Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki * Cashflow Quadrant - Robert Kiyosaki * Anita Bell - your money starting out and starting over * sam vannutini -...
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    self managing

    Hi all, I just purchased my first investment property, a unit in Magill SA & I was going to have a go at self managing the property. To others that self manage: 1. what applications forms do you give to prospective tenants to fill out? & 2. how do you collect rent? by direct...
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    gyprocker - adelaide (eastern suburbs)

    Does anyone know of a decent gyprocker in Adelaide (eastern suburbs)? I am currently getting ready to put a new kitchen in my home in Beulah Park (between Norwood & Kensington) I have removed the old cabinets but am having a lot of trouble getting the old tiled splashback off. I think...