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    Infrastructure building in Melbourne

    Hi Hi, I think in this current climate I would not be believing anything. The east to west link new government and the project got canned... When investing do not just rely on government projects also rely in private investment.
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    advice needed on first investment property

    Hi Hi, The most important thing is to "do" and "learn" your first investment property is going to be your foundation and learning point. What you do wrong in this property can help you learn for future investments. The biggest thing I see, is when a person is trying to buy their first...
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    Melbourne Market Heating up UPDATE!!

    I think its always important to have a gun team in both good or bad times :)
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    Caroline Springs and related PPOR questions

    Hello, I have done a few loans in Caroline springs as of late. No issues with valuations as to date. Also it depends on LVR and which lender they decide to use :). I usually do a property report for my clients and I usually have a fair idea if a val is going to be an issue or not.
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    Good and Bad pockets of Hoppers Crossing

    Hi, Bellbridge is a very popular area!!! talk to local agents in the area... If you are looking at something rundown you might want to look into the mossill estate the homes are generally older or homes nearby the station.
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    Caroline Springs and related PPOR questions

    LOL A few agents of mine in the area, have been doing allot of valuations in the area since two mansions have sold for more then a Million but like you said so many prospective vendors thinking that their homes are worth a Million as well.
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    Melbourne to run more

    Hi I think you are right... I have been going to many auctions in melbourne in recent week just to see what is happening out there and it has been crazy!!
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    Caroline Springs and related PPOR questions

    Hello, I would even stay away from Taylors lakes for IP... Growth has been limited and to many new areas being built..
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    Caroline Springs and related PPOR questions Have a look at the annual growth!!! You could have put your money on the ASX market in the last two years and you would of smashed your returns vs a place to invest in Caroline Springs.
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    Good and Bad pockets of Hoppers Crossing

    Hi There are some goods parts of Hoppers and I have done well in a couple of parts... A really good area to look at is the cambridge estate where cambridge primary school is located. Streets like Barber Drive, Dowling and Johnson ave are really good streets. The Werribee plaza is getting an...
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    Melb sunshine/deer park/Albion etc vs Glenroy/had field/broadmeadowd

    Hi Hello, Hope you are well? I live in Deer Park and have noticed more and more people looking at investing in areas such as Deer Park, Sunshne, Ardeer and Alibion. I believe the above four suburbs still have plenty of growth!!! I bought two properties in Deer Park in the last 8...
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    Mid melbourne or brisbane

    Hello Carnegie is a great area, But the market down here is hot at the moment, so try and get in ASAP. Have a look at this link: The area is flying in terms of pricing and allot of properties are...
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    Caroline Springs and related PPOR questions

    Hi Hello, I am from Deer Park and only a 5 minute drive from Caroline Springs in fact, I grew up in Burnside lol. Buying a investment property vs buying some where to live are two different things. Caroline springs offers that community feel, shops, a young established area and good...
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    Worst Melbourne suburb within 15km of the City (excluding the West)

    Hi Hi, The above areas mentioned are sport on but believe it or not there is going to be opportunity in these areas :).
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    Melbourne outer east where to buy?

    Hi Tillie, In that price range, size od land and the areas you are targeting is going to be quiet hard. The market is hot and I think people are starting to relies that how much value property in Melbourne is vs Sydney know.
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    Where in Melbourne

    We bought a home for 320K in Deer Park and settled last month. The property would sell for 350K to 370K without a doubt.
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    Where in Melbourne

    Good question lol.. St Albans East is another area to look out for...but good luck trying to buy at an auction.
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    Hi Hello, Sure are definitely some areas that are in a bubble and in every state you may have areas that are not or in a Bubble. For me I believe there are three types of bubbles or burst (This is my opinion). 1) New areas: When new estate are developed I always think when people buy...
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    Where in Melbourne

    Hi Sneak, I would be staying away from apartments for one main reason, there are two many around and as other have mentioned not much capital growth in apartments. There are areas such as Ardeer, Alibion, Sunshine West and Deer Park.
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    6 New Suburbs for Melbourne Fringe..

    Hi Hi all, There are some new estates being created in Melbourne and the "media" and local government are trying to promote the land major time. North Rockbank has been promoting that Westfield may be the new center coming in!!! Lets see what happens - 11 years ago Caroline springs was...