1 bedroom

  1. Spades

    1 Bed Unit for sale in Noble Park.

    Hi all, I've just listed a 1 bed unit in Noble Park. Listing here: (Link removed- OP request) Total Outgoings approx $2k per yr ie:body corp,council and water rates. Previously rented for $220pw. Block of 8,with a mix of owner occupiers and long term quiet tenants. Any questions just ask...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    Units Under 50 SQM - Affordable Investments

    What if you can only afford below 50 sqm? I think you can still do well if you buy <50 sqm. I'm getting a nice rental yeild for my 1960's 48 sqm Highgate studio unit and CG I think will be reasonable. The issue is though you need a 20% deposit!? Is this always the case!? Do you always have...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Buy 1 bed & Renovate or Unrenovated 2 bed

    Hi guys, I am curious what you guys would do! If you were starting out and financially could afford to buy either a 1 bedroom unit and renovate it or buy a 2 bedroom unit without renovating (because of the lack of extra cash to renovate it) What would you choose? Options a. 1 bedroom...