6 year rule

  1. erwinsie

    6-years rule CGT exempt has Change ?

    hello.. havent visit this site for long time, i have a few query.. first: i heard that the 6 years rule to avoid cgt is change now. before: after you lease out your property for less than 6 years, if you come back live in there for few months, the 6 years rule will be reset-ed. you now...
  2. shuggy

    CGT and the 6yr PPoR rule ... can this time frame be extended?

    Hello, I understand that you can live away from your PPoR for up to 6yrs and avoid paying CGT if you sold the property. Example: I believe it's possible to avoid paying CGT if I live in my PPoR for 2 years, move out to rented accomodation, live in the rented accom for 5.5 years and then...