1. J

    Finding an accountant

    Hi folks, I've stumbled upon this forum as I was googling investment properties. Happy to be here! Recently, we have put out our home on the rental market and about to move to a new place. It seems my tax process has got little more complicated by doing this and I may need an accountant...
  2. K

    looking for a good property Accountant in Melbourne CBD or Footscray Area

    Hi All, This is my first post and I am looking to build a good team of experts to guide me through my property journey. We own 1 investment property in kingsville melbourne which I refinanced in 2013 to pull out some equity with a 90% LVR and our PPR which we purchased in 2013 and have almost...
  3. B

    Good & Cost Effective Accountant - WTB - BRIZ

    Hi Everyone, I have always done my own tax, had never been that complex, at most was on STS as a non-GST reg ABN and/or general ?employee? type return. In the last couple of years, due to property investment (I?m new to this), I decided it was time to use an accountant. The first one was...
  4. P

    Franchise Solicitor recomendations for Melbourne

    Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right area, if not please kindly tell me so. I'm currently looking at getting involved in another franchised business and am looking for a new Solicitor who understands Franchising, and Trusts. Wondering if you guys could throw up some...
  5. L

    How to reduce CGT if selling 2 properties within 1 finanical year??

    I have recently sold my inheritance property on the 20/10/14 which is located in Blacktown NSW. I would now like to sell my investment property located in Surfers Paradise QLD next January 2015. However I would like to know if there are any ways to Reduce Capital Gains tax? My Tax Accountant...
  6. W

    PPOR as an Investment!!!

    Calling all Tax Experts, My parents have recently emigrated to Australia and are living with me for the the past few months. They will be living with me for the short to medium term and have proposed to make regular payments to pay a share for boarding/utilities/expenses etc. Am I able to...
  7. MelbPropMeeting

    Melb Prop Meeting Tues 21 Oct - How to Max your Cash Flow Through Depreciation

    Hi to all Melbourne based property enthusiasts and investors alike, I want to let you know that I run a monthly property meeting group at the Veneto Club in Bulleen (just off the Eastern Freeway). Everyone is welcome to attend. We have been running this group for over three years and we...
  8. R

    A new Melbourne based Accountant

    Hi All, I'm looking for a new accountant based in Melbourne (I?m in West Melbourne 3003, but happy to communicate via email/phone etc) who specialises in IP and preferably someone who owns one. Regards, Ray
  9. S

    WA - Investment property savvy accountant

    Hi all Long time lurker, this forum has been a great source of information (and some misinformation!) so thanks all that post and keep these forums active, have recently jumped into my first IP with both my IP and PPOR being in Perth. I like to think I have a generally good handle on...
  10. C

    Accountants around Canterbury/Bankstown

    Hi, Finally getting the ball rolling with pre-approval for an investment property and now am looking for suggestions for a good accountant to talk to. My partner and I are starting small, with an aim of reducing the length of our current home loan, so am not looking for someone who can...
  11. D

    Subdivision - CGT & GST

    The Corner block of land next door to my PPoR has come up for sale. Currently my block is slightly too small to subdivide but if I purchase next door I could subdivide a good size block across the rear of both properties resulting in 2 houses plus a vacant lot. Currently I am putting...
  12. K

    Can you recommend an Accountant in Sydney?

    Hi all, new to the forum and property investing. From reading through posts (for hours and hours daily it seems haha), I feel I need to have the right accountant in my corner. Can anyone suggest someone I should see? I live in the Hills area, but will travel for the right person/partnership...
  13. K

    We bought our first house by cash…Need help from accountants and brokers!

    Hi everyone, We are new migrants and bought our first house in Melbourne by cash one year ago. Now we are thinking to buy another bigger house (for owner occupied) and turn our first house to an investment property. Our first house is worth about $330K now and our budget for the second house...
  14. Tesla Rules

    Accountant has not filed 09-10 personal tax return

    Hi, I had an appointment with my accountant on September 14, 2010. He wasted a lot of time and we did not get everything done, so he scooped up all my documents to take back to his out of Sydney office. He said he would have the return completed by the end of the following week. Time past...
  15. Alex P Keaton

    Tax Return Relief! $$$

    I'll be getting a $4,200 tax return very soon! I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I was struggling for a few months there but now with this return I am not sinking anymore. I feel this is my 2nd chance to start over as I lost my weigh (spelt incorrectly on purpose) for a...
  16. A

    Super co-contribution when you have IPs

    I'm debating whether to make a voluntary contribution of $1k into my super for the co-contribution. I earned $30k gross this financial year but had $40k rental income (and $40k deductions). If I owned the IPs on my own, my assessable income would be $70k so I wouldn't be eligible for the...
  17. N

    Awesome IP accountant needed NSW Central Coast?

    Hi There! We have an IP in QLD and we are on the hunt for a new accountant we can go see as we have just moved to the Central Coast north of Sydney. Can anyone recommend someone who is great with IP's? Many thanks Neaka
  18. N

    How to supply expenses to accountant after renovation?

    Hi There, Just hoping for some advice re. supplying details of our expenses after we recently renovated our investment property. I am completely dumb when it comes to knowing whats claimable and whats not (which is why we have an accountant) but i do like to make it as easy as possible for...
  19. Alex P Keaton

    RMG Accounting & Financial Planning ?

    Hi guys Sorry if the answer has been posted before, but I havent found anything. Financial Plan I have an appointment with RMG Accounting in a few weeks and I am meeting Patrick Thatcher and the consultant Peter Young (at the same time) Does anyone know if RMG can help you to write...
  20. C

    Accountants in Central Queensland

    Hello Does anyone know of a good accountant in Central Queensland? I live in Moranbah but would be happy to travel to Rocky, Mackay or Townsville if necessary. Any recommendations appreciated.