1. zenq

    Selling subdivision off the plan

    I have a 4 block acreage subdivision in North QLD with complete DA and works approval, but have not yet got finance to complete the subdivision. My finance broker has advised me with presales I should have no trouble getting finance. I am going to approach a lawyer (MacDonell's) today about...
  2. I

    Subdivide Acreage Property in Bayview Sydney

    I wanted to find out if it is possible to divide acreage property in the suburb of Bayview in Sydney. It comes under Pit****er council and I would be interested if someone has done this before or could guide me how I go about finding it
  3. Doing up an ol' farmhouse

    Doing up an ol' farmhouse

    Hi all Thought you might be interested in our very rough DYI bare bones budget reno of an old removal post war disaster that we bought for the future land value. A mate sprayed the interior and exterior palings for us, we water blasted the v mouldy terracotta roof tiles (the real old...