1. S

    Buying first home with view to IP in Canberra

    I?ve been browsing the past posts on Canberra and I thought it was time to post our situation. We?re looking to buy our first home as a PPOR with a view to future IP in Canberra. My OH currently works in Barton and rents in Kingston. He has been in Canberra just over 12 months. I?m currently...
  2. C

    Canberra meeting 17th Sept

    This month we are extremely fortunate to have Angus and Jordan from Heron Todd White attend. If you’re not sure who they are, I’m sure your bank does! Banks are one of the biggest users of valuation services, but why should they get all the golden information? Heron Todd White are Australia’s...
  3. A

    Canberra Rental Market - Is it Trending Down

    Hi Forumites, I had a call on Friday from my Property manager, who informed me that my tenant was making noises about moving on from my 4 bedroom IP in Nicholls as they had noticed they could get the same for much less. I noted my surprise that I'd not noticed a significant drop in the house...
  4. Shaggy

    Recommended PM ACT

    I am in need of a good PM in the ACT. So far I've been quoted in the 8-10% mark. I realise rates have gone up since the last time I looked (6-7% then) but I want to be sure I am getting my money's worth and I dont want to pay more than I have to. Also, of course, I'd like a good PM so if...
  5. B

    ACT dual occ / subdivision questions

    I am not familiar with this process and would appreciate some guidance. I live on a 850sqm RZ1 block in Canberra and I want to explore the option of building a second dwelling at the rear of the property. I always thought an RZ1 could not be subdivided - reading this document seams to indicate...
  6. B

    Stamp duty as a tax deduction in the ACT - but purchased off the plan

    I am struggling to find information on this online, and the ATO aren't being particularly helpful. I'm sure someone else has come up against this so figured I would ask. I have purchased a unit off the plan in Canberra. Purchased in 2008, stamp duty paid in June 2009. However, the unit is...
  7. B

    Subdividing in Canberra

    Has anyone here had much experience with subdivisions in the ACT? I am considering purchasing a block in an RZ2 zone which, if I read it correctly on ACTPLA's site, is subdividable if it is 800sqm+. What would be the estimated ballpark cost to have this done with approvals etc? I am...