adding a room

  1. S

    Adding a room and approval

    Hi all, We recently offered to buy a 2x1 in WA. Finance approval is going to be tough so there is a long way to go. Even though it is a 2x1, it actually has 3 rooms and it seems that the 3rd room had been converted into a living area. So by closing a wall and opening a door, the house can be...
  2. Richard Feynman

    Reconfiguring 1 bedder into 2 bed.

    Curious if anyone wants to share their thoughts on if/how one might get a second bedroom in this place (legally). I've recently inspected it and no, I'm not going to be making an offer, but I just wanted to explore its potential out of interest. The laundry is basically dead space. The...
  3. B

    Converting pergola to an enclosed room

    Just exchanged on a property that has a massive pergola of very sturdy construction. Would be great to close in at least a third of it to make a second living room and a study. Can this be done and if so is it really expensive? I'd be looking at a blueboard construction and adding a few windows...
  4. T

    adding another bedroom

    hi everyone, just thought id ask, an area that has a lot of 2bdrs, the agents are saying 3bdrs are getting snapped up pretty quickly on teh assumption, that it is physically possible to either split bigger rooms into 2 or cut down the size of the living room to make an extra room...
  5. R

    How much does an inside wall + door cost?

    Hey Guys, just wondering what the ballpark quotes would be for this. In my property in Wagga, there is a weird 2nd room coming off the main living room. Not really sure how to describe it, but its basically a useless room. I'd like to effectively divide this room into 2 by...
  6. P

    Adding a room in a unit

    Hi, I was wondering how much would it cost to add a temporary room in a corner of a unit in the 6th floor. It means there would be only 2 walls needed. As I measured the room will be 3m x 4m, and about 2.5m height I'm sort of new in renovation, and heard gyprock or stud walls is the...