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    Canberra joins the Granny Flat era

    Just saw this in the Canberra Times Wonder what this will do for the rental market... :( Should have kept my last PPOR.... 770m2 and side access - perfect pickings...:rolleyes:
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    big tree- good or bad for land value

    some background info: i live at hornsby council - which has a new tree preservation order in place. (basically, you can cut any non native , non heritage tree). so i have a choice whether to cut the following tree: i have a 500m block (with a approx 100m) handle at the corner (right...
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    Equiptment bargains

    Does anyone know of the best places to get cheap deals on things such as bathroom fittings and kitchen tops, etc... I have looked around a lot, but I struggle to get some of the same deals everyone else seems to be getting.