1. V

    How to advertise property outside the district?

    My question is how to get around the big real estate website rules that only allow you to advertise within your postcode area? My property is among the better properties in the area but local buyers would be few and far between. It would appeal to tree change buyers from the big cities...
  2. Rentwithpets

    Starting a pet friendly property advertising business

    Hi, I am starting a new business to advertise pet friendly rental properties online, and would like to hear your opinions about this new project. I am new to this forum. From my research over 60% of tenants are looking for rental properties that allow pets, so I think my business has...
  3. J

    Impact Assessable Development Advertising

    Anyone got experience with Impact assessable developments? How much harder are they to get through as opposed to Code Assessable? I understand that a public notice of development (signboard) gets put out the front of the property so that neighbours can see what is being proposed, and have...
  4. D

    Where to get generic FOR LEASE signs?

    Well I didn't think it'd be this hard! All I want is a couple of generic FOR RENT or FOR LEASE signs with a bit of space underneath to write a phone number. Nice big metal ones (~1m width) to tack to a fence or stick in the ground. All i can find are sign-writing shops that charge an arm and...
  5. buzzlightyear

    Self Management - Advertising & Tradespeople network

    I am considering dipping my toe in the water of 'self-management' for just one IP initially and see how it goes before I consider it for others. The key areas that have stopped me from trying this historically have been because of; * advertising * tradespeople network Where have people...