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    Any advice on Maryborough QLD

    I have a client who has been offered a trade proposal for a small commercial property in Maryborough. Its on the fringe of the CBD, reasonable tenancies etc and I've looked into flooding. I'm wondering if anyone can offer any opinion or point me in the right direction to research the medium to...
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    Hello Everyone I stumbled upon this page whilst researching property advice I am looking at Units up to 400k in the Coorparoo area. Does anyone know of any streets that I should be looking at or ones to avoid? Being from out of state so my knowledge of the area is Nil Ideally wanting to...
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    Sell PPOR for IP??

    Hi All, Just wanting some advise. I am 26 and have a PPOR in Brisbane and a new IP in Toowoomba which is neutrally geared. Based on bank valuations and market values if I sold my PPOR in Brisbane I could potentially walk away with $200k after paying out my mortgage. It is getting...
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    Neighbor's dead tree fell on my fence!

    I knew this was going to happen at some point. My neighbor's dead tree fell on my fence,so i now got half his dead tree and a damaged fence. Neighbor's prop is a rental property,so i've let the rea know. What can be done about it?What if he just ignores it? Any advice would be...