1. U

    Selling Agent Dianella WA

    Can anyone recommend a good selling agent for the sale of a development site (R30/600m2) in Dianella, WA. I've scoured and 'Gerard Butler & Associates' seem to come up a lot, as does Realmark, but just wanting to see if there were any recommendations. We have a renovated 3x1 on there...
  2. W

    Termite damage and structural issues

    Hey Folks, I was trying to buy a property recently which has serious termite damage + serious structural issues which has come up in my building and pest report. Thanks to my building and pest guy who was awesome and patient in doing the inspection which saved me 80K on a house on top of the...
  3. tempura

    Offer before all due diligence

    These days, can you still do all due diligence (strata, b&p, value etc) before submitting an offer? In my experience, the answer is No. Before we even got time to do all of these, agent will encourage you to submit an offer; he will word it in such way that "if you like it, I would...
  4. tempura

    Buying process - what to sort out before agreeing on the price?

    I am a noob so please do correct me if i'm wrong :D Before we start with Contract Exchange .... and even before we agreeing to the price, we need to do this due diligence: Building and Pest Inspection Strata Report Amendment on Title (If Any) Is this correct? If so, I would...
  5. A

    anyone recommend an agent in Brisbane?

    G'day (first post here). I'm wondering anyone can recommend me a good agent in Brisbane? I'm looking to buy a house (not unit) just out of town(3-10km), but I'm in NSW and with the current trend for many(most?) properties being listed for auction or without a price, I figure that search the...
  6. Alex P Keaton

    Real Estate Recommendations

    Can you please pm me real estate agents you have been happy with or post it here. I'll be interviewing soon. Thanks! :)
  7. cu@thetop

    New Island appears in Brisbane-get in quick!!!!

    Sounds like a scam or just a grossly negligent listing but a big WTF from me when I saw this: possibly Norfolk Island but it doesn't look like it from the pic. Any ideas anyone?
  8. N

    Buyers Agent Sydney

    Hi there, At present I am looking to find the services of a good buyers agent in Sydney. Have just taken on a new role and work hours are a bit ridiculous at the moment and really need some good help in searching out my next IP. Can anyone give me any reccomendation of good buyers...
  9. D

    Becoming an agent

    Theres a reals estate agency who say they're gonna be expanding massively this year and need alot of new sales people. They also provide training, and a license which costs about $800. I'm a little skeptical, thinking that in these times where sales are kinda low, it may just be a...
  10. C

    Estimating Building Depreciation for a property

    Hi Everyone I'm interested in buying my first IP and I've got a couple of questions regarding estimating the building/capital depreciation. I need this to work out if this property will be close to being +ve cash flow (attractive) or -ve geared (not so attractive for me) a. How do I...