1. Spades

    Removing Shower

    Hi all, Bought a shower that's been installed but never been used.Comes with taps and shower head. Now i've got to uninstall it,so are these easy to uninstall? It's semi frameless,i think my main issue to uninstall is the base and disconnecting from the waste gate. Also,i'm considering...
  2. M

    New WA Smoke Alarm Rules & Maintennace

    Hi all My agent sent me a letter on the new "rules" in wa regarding smoke alarms. I have already mains powered ones so thats ok, but they say that maintenance is also required at $97.50/pa. I can see why its needed - but is it legally required to be "maintained"? Considering what they...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Do I pay for Alarm Battery or Tenant ?

    Sorry to bug you guys! I have just a few minutes of my lunch break left and dont have time to search. I hope someone can help. I got this email from my PM Hi Kim, The tenant has brought to our attention that the alarm requires a new battery. Please advise our office if you would...