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    Simple Investment Property App

    Hi Everyone, While looking for my last Investment Property, I used a fairly simple excel spreadsheet to give me an idea if a property was positive/negative geared and by how much per week/month etc. I couldnt find anything like it in App Store or Google Play so I'm considering making it...
  2. O

    Somersoft on Tapatalk

    I have been reading and following this forum for over 2 years now and it has been an outstanding resource. Not only has this forum provided some invaluable information, it has also provided me with recommendations for some key professionals which I used to purchase my first IP in 2012. Most...
  3. P

    Ice cream sandwich vs Jellybean

    My first post here... maybe it should be property related but thought i'd put it here.... Has anyone here upgraded from Ice cream sandwich (4.0.4) to Jellybean (4.1.1) and do you reckon it's better? I flashed this new ROM from XDA but reckon it looks worse than ICS. Maybe it's more stable...
  4. J

    Useful Property Apps????

    I am new to property investing, and looking for ways to make searching for properties and managing my portfolio/tenants easier. Does anyone know of any iPad/Android apps that can help? I'd really enjoy hearing your thoughts...