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    $500K PPOR - variable rate 5.7%

    Hi, First post here, so hopefully I'm providing enough information to make this a meaningful question. I'm borrowing $500K (79% LVR) for my first property. After much haggling, ANZ is giving me a 5.7% interest only variable rate. Wondering if you guys reckon that this a good deal or...
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    ANZ Loan Structure help please!

    Hi, Many thanks in advance for your advice. My husband and I recently bought our second IP and our broker steered us towards the ANZ Breakfree package as the best option for our current and future needs as we will have 3 loans within the next year. Curr Rate is 0.8% off svr (6.56%). Fee is...
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    Economic Outlook - June 2008 Quarter

    The latest ANZ Economic Outlook examines the effect of rising interest rates and inflation on the economy. Find out more ...