1. Y

    Apartment horror story

    Hi all, My name is Yolanda Redrup and I'm a journalist with the Australian Financial Review. I'm working on a story about apartment horror stories - anything from pest infestations, exorbitant rents or sale prices, poor ventilation or noisy neighbours. If anyone has a story they'd be...
  2. Richard Feynman

    Land component of your apartments.

    If you own any apartments, I'd love to know their land component (total lot size / number of units). Mine follow. PPOR (Sydney, Inner West): 50sqm internal 65sqm land 1.3 x ratio IP1 (Sydney, Inner West): 66sqm internal 57sqm land 0.86 x ratio
  3. W

    Wise information for First time investment

    Hi, Im 25 male, casual worker woolworths 30+ week employed around 10mths. $31k p.a. Brisbane. No commitments or loans. Have a deposit of around $60k looking to put it into some form of investment property. I called aussie today and can be pre-approved for an apartment for around $250k. with...
  4. S

    Serviced Apartments, are they worth it ?

    Hi guys, being new to Somersoft and also new to the property game i am not sure whats the best way to go about things. I am currently looking at a serviced apartment that has currently got about a 20 year lease on it, what are some pros and cons about becoming the land lord of a serviced...
  5. C

    Best apartments in Sydney for PPoR?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a PPoR to buy and was originally planning to purchase a 1br apartment in the CBD. However after reading about strata levies and shocking strata management, I have second thoughts. Was originally planning to purchase one of those Meriton or Mirvac apartments, as well...
  6. A

    Purchasing property less than 50sqm

    is there a risk in purchasing property that is a little less than 50qsm? There is an apartment that I am considering purchasing to live in. its about 47sqm. I know some banks might not lend for this, but are there risks for the me as the buyer?:confused: