1. H

    Triplex perth planning approval

    Hi I'm about to start my first triplex development in the city of bayswater The plans have been in council since January and there's been a few back and fourths about some minor changes. Now all of a sudden they have requested that the access to the front unit is off the common property...
  2. S

    local council and WAPC building regs

    Hey everyone! After months of reading old posts I have finally signed up to post my first thread! I am at the early stages of finding an investment property. I have a partner who is a builder so we are looking to find an old house (close to knock down) on a big block (700m2+) 15kms within...
  3. 2

    Granny flat help. Fence set back and council approval

    Hi I would love to get some feedback regarding council approval if anyone knows or has gone through something similar. I have a council approved 54m2 brick veneer double garage, concrete slab, 3.2m roof height, I'm on a corner block 600m2 and the garage has its own access from side street and...
  4. Alex P Keaton

    How long - Finace Approval ?

    hi I couldn't see any similar threads so I started a new one. How long is ANZ taking at present to approve a loan? My paperwork went in on the 21st October. The mb says I should here back about it next week. How long does it usually take with ANZ? This waiting is driving me crazy! :)