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    Legal issue with architect contract

    Building two townhouses and have made some edits to the Architects agreement prior to engaging him. His agreement states: 11. You must indemnify us and keep us indemnified against all costs, liability, losses, and claims incurred by you as a result of our breach under the agreement. I...
  2. J

    Random noob questions

    Hi guys. I've been following the forum for a few months now, and am looking set myself up to get into this property game within a year or so. Just a few random questions: -changing densities: how does somebody keep track of rezoning? e.g. an R20 area rezoned to R20/40 etc. Is there a way...
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    Yarraville (VIC) 830+ Sqm Subdivision

    Hi all, am needing help with some good resources (architect & town planner) for our recently purchased property in Yarraville. NOTE: theres a heritage overlay on the existing house, however with more than 450sqm of vacant land in the back and a 2.8+ wide long driveway i'm sure things can...
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    Working Drawings

    Hey all you Architects and Draft people and Developers out there. I need to get some working drawing quotes What Actually consists of working drawings (Project in victoria) - Framing - Electrical Lay out - Plumbing - Roof - ?? I have already got the Storm water / Structural...