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    What Rental Management Software to use

    My wife and I own and manage 6 units. We have just bought another block of 7 units. Currently we just use spreadsheets etc. to manage the rent due and arrears. We really need software to ensure we keep on top of this with the extra units. We just want to enter rent received each week and for the...
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    Tenant in rent arrears

    Hi all I hope someone can please advise me. I have a tenant who is in rent arears. He was then served a 14 day notice to vacate. The 14 days expired yesterday. Today he came and paid some rent. He is now six days in arrears. I am pretty sure he will wait for us to serve him another 14...
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    Tenant in arrears

    Today we received this email from our PM. Never having had this situation before, I'd like to know what other SSers think. The tenant pays rent of $180 pw. Your tenant in the granny flat has fallen behind in her rent. She is currently paid to the 7th February and her next rent deduction is...