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    Beach Shack Reno. Ep 4. Demolition & Asbestos

    G'day Guys, Here's the latest in my Beach Shack Renovation, Owner Builder Series. This Episode we look at Demolition and the Dreaded Asbestos... Check it out and let me know what you think. Here's the link. Cheers :)
  2. Asbestos


    This part of the building contains asbestos
  3. A

    Asbestos Shed - Keep or Remove

    At the back of my (just settled) 1970's house is a built on shed (2m x 3m with asbestos sheeting - a man cave of sorts. One of the asbestos sheets is split from top to bottom. Do I remove the shed completely or do I paint it all and hope that seals it? Could the tenants sue me down the track...
  4. J

    Wed 23rd July ? Asbestos: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! PLUS Real Deal Updates

    Don?t miss our July get together! Our first speaker will be Troy Williamson, founder of Williamson Carpentry. More than just carpenters, Williamson Carpentry have a successful history of building all types of housing structures and developments for both the residential...
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    Perth: asbestos roof removal and new roof

    Hi all, This is my first post and I reckon I have lot more questions to ask and learn. I would like to know how much it will cost to remove an asbestos roof (say a 120 or 150 square meter house) and put a colourbond roof in Perth. Singo.
  6. jim1964


    Would you buy a IP with Asbestos in it? I already have one IP with a Asbestos roof,now i am looking at another CF+ home with Asbestos cladding,and internals.Does not seem to worry tenants who want to rent,its when it comes time to sell,Groan,Moan,Groan.
  7. B

    asbestos/house removal

    Hi All I am about to embark on the construction of some units and have a 1950's (9 x 9.5m) fibro house on the block. It is structurally in good nick, though the bathroom and kitchen are shot and has a new roof. I am looking at options re removal or demolition. I suspect it it...
  8. N

    Asbestos Roof

    I am considering replacing an Asbestos roof I have on a property in Toowoomba. Would this add value to the property, the quote I have had if just over $17000. The Bank advised me when they were valuing property that the roof did effect the value, is this the case? The quoting contractor...
  9. W

    Asbestos removal tax claim question...

    We have just paid $2750 to have asbestos sheeting removed from the front porch wall and back stairwell walls of an IP. We also had an asbestos bedroom (store room) wall and a downstairs toilet wall under the house removed. I have read here on SS that the cost of removing asbestos can be...
  10. T

    Asbestos Inspection Report for VIC Owners Corp

    Hi all, I own a unit in Victoria, in a block of 8. The paid Owners Corp manager believes that the building needs an Asbestos Inspection Report & Register, as the OH&S law(s) may have recently changed. The OC doesn't directly employ anyone to look after the property. A gardener is...
  11. M

    Asbestos and Property Investment?

    Anyone been following the media reports of late? The call has gone out to renovators to be aware of the dangers of asbestos whilst doing home renovations. Meanwhile, the trade union movement has urged governments to remove asbestos from all Australian homes before 2030. Last week a couple...
  12. C

    Asbestos Removal

    Hi All, Just wondering of anyone has had any experience with asbestos removal? Trying to guage the costs involved in having an asbestos single garage removed? Thanks in advance
  13. M

    Asbestos Removalist Contacts

    Hi everyone Does anyone know of a good reputable asbestos removalist servicing the middle eastern suburbs of Melbourne? Preferably someone you have used before and can vouch for their work? I'm trying to remove a lino floor about 12 sqm in my first home and am a bit hesitant of picking a...
  14. G


    If a house is built in 1982/1983, is it likely to have asbestos? When was its use popular? What sort of domestic dwelling is likely to have it? I know the best way to find out is to get it checked through building inspection. But what are your thoughts?