asset protection

  1. Terry_w

    Asset Protection Tips

    Here is a tip for young players. When purchasing property consider the 'structure' of the ownership of the property and the short term and long term asset protection issues. structure doesn't necessarily mean ownership via a trust structure. When a couple are purchasing property they...
  2. D

    Discretionary trust and asset protection

    I'm still trying to understand properly how discretionary trusts offer asset protection. Please correct me if the scenario below is way off... Person A is the Trustee and Beneficiary of a discretionary trust, Trust A. Person B is only a beneficiary. Say a big bad company (Company Bad)...
  3. Terry_w

    Keddie trustee to recover millions from wife Interesting story relating to transferring property to spouse: "The trustee of bankrupt Sydney personal injury solicitor Russell Keddie says the lawyer's wife has offered $4.5 million to settle claims against her..."
  4. Terryw

    Interposed Entity Election and Asset Protection

    Anyone out there know if there are any potential asset protection issues with making an interposed entity election between two companies?
  5. Joh

    Do Hybrid Trust Give Real Tax Benefits?

    I have been ploughing through tonnes of info on Hybrid Trusts and much of it is conflicting. The latest readings are from Julie Hartman's 'Saving Tax on you Investment Property' and she does not seem to recommend them. She says that the tax benfits are just not there for property investors...