1. S

    Where to find QLD auction results?

    I am trying to find auction results for the Sunshine Coast but can't find up to date results anywhere! I have tried REIQ and the only place i have managed to find them is in the occasional Sunshine Coast Daily articles. Does anyone know if the auction results from each weekend are listed...
  2. L

    Selling privately: Using an auctioneer?

    Hi all, I am selling a Sydney apartment privately and am wondering if I can sell via auction by commissioning an auctioneer. Does anyone know if this is possible? or is this only possible via an agent?
  3. jsoe

    Gold Coast Ray White The Event 2015

    Hi guys, I'm hearing about this annual Event organised by Ray White Surfers Paradise Group where they auction off Gold Coast properties in January to 200,000 or so buyers. They collate premium properties and apartments. Has anyone been to it? My parents are thinking of selling their 4 bed 2...
  4. tempura


    house was put on auction ... agent said the only way to sell the house prior to the auction is no cool off (66W certificate) with 10% deposit. is this the case? total bull crap or all honesty there?
  5. Richard Feynman

    Swap purchaser on settlement?

    I am sure I have read about this thing being pulled off (for different reasons). Situation: - Have found a place for someone to acquire through their SMSF - SMSF is in the process of setup and may not be complete prior to auction Idea: - Request longer settlement - Have clause...
  6. L

    Thoughts on Westminster?

    Hi, new to the forums and interested in your opinions. I know of a block in Westminster coming onto the market soon. 728m? zoned R40. Very standard block for the area, suitable for a triplex development. It currently has an old 3 x 1 house and a large 1 x 1 granny flat. Total rental would be...
  7. G

    Auctions & Finance

    Just wondered what the process is in regards to finance with auctions? If you win an auction, what is a typical deposit required, and is this needed immediately? With the loan would it be the same as a non-auction sale - i.e. have finance pre-approved? Also what are typical settlement...
  8. shuggy

    Agent wants reserve price in writing before auction

    I got this message from an agent about an auction i'm having soon in QLD: With regards to further things to be done; I will send, with the report, a letter confirming your reserve price which must be signed along with the terms and conditions for the auction which also must be signed. Both...
  9. L

    Prior offers for property on auction

    Hi all, I really like this property which is scheduled for auction this weekend. We wanted to put an offer on the property at 100K over the advertised price, and even the agent said it was good- but the vendors wanted to go to auction anyway. I am against auctions, but I have advised the...