1. Richard Feynman

    Sydney - 77% clearance rate for 3rd week running, 25% increase in stock week-on-week.

    After the seasonal dip, Sydney's pulled off three consecutive weeks with auction clearance rates reported by APM at 77%. There were 404 auctions last week, so volumes are up 25% yet clearance rates are identical...
  2. G

    Auctions & Finance

    Just wondered what the process is in regards to finance with auctions? If you win an auction, what is a typical deposit required, and is this needed immediately? With the loan would it be the same as a non-auction sale - i.e. have finance pre-approved? Also what are typical settlement...
  3. MsAli

    Bidding at an auction in a HOT market

    Hi All, As the title suggests, what would be your suggestions on bidding in a hot market. We are looking at a property that's on auction and is likely to get a lot of interest due to the local school, proximity to trains, shops etc. To add, the house is in knockdown condition on a corner lot...