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    Small banks and their attractive variable/fixed rate?

    Hi all, I went with one of the four major banks for my recent loan and my friend who is an agent asked why I didn't go with CityBank or Bankwest as they have attractive rates. He basically said I got ripped off. I said I prefer to go with the major banks; Bankwest for example for what I...
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    What can make a bank deny loan after preapproval

    hello I am trying to sign a contract for a property which does not have a cooling off period before Christmas... The agreement is to pay 10% deposit... Now I have managed to get preapproval from couple of banks... but I haven't got an unconditional approval yet... I am trying to understand my...
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    Finance for Our Customers who are renovating

    Hi everyone I hope You are well. I produce high quality concrete flooring and I think I am losing potential customers because of the price barriers. We are ranked at the top off the search engines for renovate concrete,restore concrete,polished concrete and all major keyword related to the...