1. C

    Thoughts on Bendigo Bank rates & Adelaide Bank

    Hi All, After having our original PPOR and now IP with Bendigo Bank at quite a competitive rate for the last 7 years or so, we're now shopping for a new PPOR loan after purchasing some weeks ago in Melbourne. The new loan for PPOR only will be in the order of 600K. We've been happy with...
  2. Lawry

    Best SMSF loan/ provider?

    Has anyone recently taken out a loan via their SMSF to borrow and buy property? Which bank/ lender did you choose & why? Which loan product/ features? Any experience to share of their process (how smooth it went, how long it took, pitfalls to watch out for, etc) (we have a SMSF with...
  3. M

    New broker

    Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself, I have been an avid follower of this forum for 6-7 years and Rolf, Aaron-c, tobe, Jamie M, Mick C, Ausprop, Pt bear and several others have taught me a massive amount regarding whats possible and feasible from a structure and lender perspective, Thank...
  4. N

    Investment loan vs PPOR loan

    Hi, My wife and I are looking at purchasing a property, initially as an investment and further down the track as a principal place of residence. Does the bank have different lending criteria for investment loans and PPOR loans? Or does it purely depend on the figure that you are asking for...
  5. P

    Resi loans for 4-unit development?

    I've been given the not-entirely-unexpected news that my big four bank won't finance a four-unit development (in Melb) under a resi loan. The scenario is that we will keep all four when they are built so pre-sales isn't an issue. Are there any banks which will finance this under resi...
  6. T

    Best bank for resi construction loan? ANZ or Homeside?

    Hi guys, So I am getting close to purchasing my first IP/duplex development project and a about to go for pre approval. Given my maximum borrowing power is pretty close to the amount I will need during the height of the construction phase, my mortgage broker has suggested it is a good idea...
  7. G

    Transfer land owned by family trust to personal name...

    Problem all sorted out now. Please delete the post if required.