1. J

    Auckland higher deposits required

    The New Zealand Reserve Bank announced yesterday that investors buying properties in Auckland city will require a 30% deposit if a mortgage is wanted from a commercial bank (eg ANZ, Westpac etc). A 20% deposit was introduced last year nationwide. This is scheduled to apply from October this...
  2. F

    How to avoid paying $300,000 to $1 million dollars of mortgage interests to the bank:

    PRINCIPLES:- 1. The family money should not leave the family and go into financial institutions. 2. Do not let the words of media/culture (controlled by the elites that want u to buy their properties) that take minutes to be spoken to sway you to slave at work for the rest of your life to pay...
  3. J

    Petition - Empower our government and ACCC to enforce RBA policy

    Sign this petition, and lets stand united in a show of strength against our banks greed and bully boy tactics. Lets lobby our regulatory body, the ACCC, and our appointed federal politicions to not merely verbally pressure our banks - but to have the legislative firepower to actually enforce...
  4. brendio

    Bank finance loosening?

    This is a cross post from my development thread that might get more visibility here to stimulate discussion. I got a call today from someone at a bank saying they saw our for sale sign and asking did we want to talk to someone about finance for the development or any other developments we may...
  5. Marty McDonald

    APRA happy to have oligopoly / no more competition

    Apra saying there is enough competition in the mortgage market and any more could be dangerous. Does anyone else think swannie and his mates are all hat and no cattle with their banking reform proposals? It's like they are striving to make the banks more dominant while jaw boning the public into...